Georgia Wagner

Georgia Wagner worked as a ghost writer for many, many years before finally taking the plunge into self-publishing. Location and character are two big factors for Georgia, and getting those right allows the story to flow seamlessly onto the page. And flow it does, because Georgia is so prolific a new term is required to describe the rate at which nerve-tingling stories find their way into print.
When not found attached to a laptop, Georgia likes spending time in local arboretums, among the trees and ponds. An avid cultivator of orchids, begonias, and all things floral, Georgia also has a strong penchant for art, paintings, and sculptures. A many-decades long passion for mystery novels and years of chess tournament experience makes Georgia the perfect person to pen the Artemis Blythe series.


Genres: Mystery
Artemis Blythe FBI Mystery Thriller
   1. She Dies Tonight (2022)
   2. She Hides Forever (2022)
   3. She Loses All (2022)
   4. She's Buried Deep (2022)
   5. She's All Alone (2022)
   6. She Runs Away (2023)
   7. She Once Disappeared (2023)
   8. She Slips Away (2023)
   9. She Whispers Sweet (2023)
   10. She Bleeds Slowly (2023)
   11. She Quietly Screams (2023)
   12. She Saw Something (2023)
   13. She Chases Shadows (2024)
   14. She Crosses Lines (2025)
Ella Porter FBI Mystery Thriller
   1. Girl Under the Ice (2022)
   2. Girl in the Storm (2022)
   3. Girl Wrapped in Branches (2022)
   4. Girl Lost at Sea (2023)
   5. Girl Cries So Pretty (2023)
   6. Girl Who Freezes Shadows (2023)
   7. Girl's Luck Runs Out (2023)
   8. Girl Who Chases Ghosts (2023)
   9. Girl Who is Hunted (2024)
Sophie Quinn FBI Mystery
   1. The River's Secret (2023)
   2. The Bayou Graves (2023)
   3. The Widower's Secret (2023)
   4. The Siren Song (2023)
   5. The Storm's Intent (2024)

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