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Jeffrey Falcon Logue

Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue is a young author who dreams of owning a house with hidden passages. His first stories were those created at a young age with his legos, but it wasn't until college where he took part in his first Dungeon and Dragons game that he decided to write.

After finding the Royal Road Legends site, he began writing his stories for others to critique. His first success, The Slime Dungeon, came about from the NaNoWriMo challenge on the site, writing a 60,000 word book in a single month. Since then, he has written 13 full novels in 4 years and graduated college, with plans to write more novels and finish a video game based around his slime monsters. He is proud of his contribution to the dungeon corps genre and gamelit/litrpg genre.

Genres: GameLit
Anthologies edited