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Laurence Edward Alan "Laurie" Lee, MBE, was an English poet, novelist, and screenwriter. His most famous work was an autobiographical trilogy which consisted of Cider with Rosie (1959), As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (1969) and A Moment of War (1991). While the first volume famously recounts his childhood in the idyllic Slad Valley, the second deals with his leaving home for London and his first visit to Spain in 1934, and the third with his return in December 1937 to join the Republican International Brigade.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Cider with Rosie
   1. Cider with Rosie (1959)
     aka Edge Of Day
   2. As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (1969)
   3. A Moment of War (1991)
   The Firstborn (1964)
   Gypsies of Granada (1969)
   My Many-coated Man (1969)
   The Three Winds (1989)
   Boy in ice (1991)
   Equinox (1991)
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   The Sun My Monument (poems) (1944)
   Selected Poems (poems) (1960)
   Three Plays (2003)
   Collected Poems (poems) (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Field of Autumn (1990)
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