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Reginald Hill

UK flag (1936 - 2012)

aka Dick Morland, Patrick Ruell, Charles Underhill

Reginald Hill was brought up in Cumbria, and has returned there after many years in Yorkshire. With his first crime novel, A Clubbable Woman, he was hailed as 'the crime novel's best hope'.

Genres: Mystery
   The Castle of the Demon (1971) (as by Patrick Ruell)
     aka The Turning of the Tide
   Fell of Dark (1971)
   A Fairly Dangerous Thing (1972)
   Red Christmas (1972) (as by Patrick Ruell)
   A Very Good Hater (1974)
   Heart Clock (1974) (as by Dick Morland)
     aka Matlock's System
   Albion! Albion! (1974) (as by Dick Morland)
     aka Singleton's Law
   Death Takes the Low Road (1974) (as by Patrick Ruell)
     aka The Low Road
   Urn Burial (1975) (as by Patrick Ruell)
     aka Beyond the Bone
   Another Death in Venice (1976)
   Captain Fantom (1978) (as by Charles Underhill)
   The Forging of Fantom (1979) (as by Charles Underhill)
   The Spy's Wife (1980)
   Who Guards a Prince? (1982)
   Traitor's Blood (1983)
   Guardians of the Prince (1983)
   No Man's Land (1985)
   The Long Kill (1986) (as by Patrick Ruell)
   Death of A Dormouse (1987) (as by Patrick Ruell)
   The Collaborators (1987)
   Dream of Darkness (1989) (as by Patrick Ruell)
   The Only Game (1991) (as by Patrick Ruell)
   The Stranger House (2005)
   The Woodcutter (2010)
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Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1991) : Bones and Silence
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (1998) : On Beulah Height
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : On Beulah Height
Barry Awards Best British Crime Novel winner (2011) : The Woodcutter

Reginald Hill recommends
Black Dog (2000)
(Cooper & Fry, book 1)
Stephen Booth
"Black Dog sinks its teeth into you and doesn't let go... A dark star may be born."
A Detective in Love (2001)
(Harriet Martens, book 2)
H R F Keating
"H. R. F. Keating breathes new life into the classic detective story."
The Business of Dying (2002)
(Dennis Milne, book 1)
Simon Kernick
"Taut, gripping, disturbing - a most assured and original debut."
Still Life (2005)
(Chief Inspector Gamache, book 1)
Louise Penny
"Georges Simenon kept Maigret going for over a hundred books. It will be a delight for all of us who love detective fiction if Louise Penny can stay around long enough to do the same for Gamache."
Ratcatcher (2006)
(Matthew Hawkwood, book 1)
James McGee
"Ratcatcher has everything duels and derring-do, London highlife and lowlife, French lechery and treachery - all contained in a fast-moving, cleverly constructed plot with an immaculately detailed historical background. Add a hero who is ruthless, mysterious and sexy, and it's a safe bet that 'Ratcatcher' marks the start of a series that will run and run ... and run!"
Valley Forge (2006)
(Novels of the American Revolution, book 2)
David Garland (Keith Miles)
"A cracking, battling, saber-rattling good yarn..."
The Blood Detective (2008)
(Nigel Barnes, book 1)
Dan Waddell
"Elegant writing, engaging characters, a cracking climax."

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