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Pauline Lawless

Pauline Lawless is an Irish author who, as she says herself, was a late-starter. A busy Mum of five (and now with nine grandchildren), she also ran two businesses and it was only when she retired in 2007 that she decided to try her hand at writing. Where to start? Well, she had run a slimming club, Superslim, for twenty-five years, so decided to use that as a background.

Her first novel 'Because We're Worth It' was snapped up by Poolbeg Press. To her amazement, and delight, they offered her a three-book-contract and this first book was an instant bestseller. Her second book 'If The Shoes Fit' was also a hit with her readers and like the first was based in Ireland. For her third book 'A Year Like No Other' she moved the setting to Paris, a city she adores and knows well. It entered the bestselling charts at number 4.

Her fourth novel 'Behind Every Cloud' was set on a wine course, again something Pauline knows a lot about as she has a Diploma from the British Wine Trust and lectured on wine courses for many years. Like her other books this one gained her rave reviews and is set, back again, in Dublin. For her fifth book 'The Birthday Girls' she moved the setting to Florida, a place she knows and loves, as she spends her winters there.