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Amber McKenzie

Amber McKenzie's love of romance and all the drama a good romance entails began in her teenage years. After a lengthy university career, multiple degrees and one formal English class, she found herself happily employed as physician and happily married to her medical school sweetheart.

She rekindled her passion for romance during her residency and began thinking of the perfect story, and quickly decided that the only thing sexier than a man in scrubs was a woman in scrubs. After finishing training and starting practice she started writing Resisting her Ex's Touch. The So You Think You Can Write 2012 contest came at a perfect time and after a few good edits from her wildlife biologist childhood best friend, the manuscript was submitted and the rest is history!Amber currently lives in Canada with her husband and infant daughter. She does her best to juggle her full-time medical practice and motherhood with her love of writing and reading, and other pursuits from long distance running to domestic goddess activities like cooking and quilting. Multitasking has become an art form and way of life

Genres: Romance