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Belinda McKeon, an award-winning playwright and journalist, was born in Ireland in 1979 and grew up on her parents' farm. She studied literature at Trinity College, Dublin, and worked as an arts writer for The Irish Times. McKeon has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia and lives in Brooklyn with her husband.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Solace (2011)
   Tender (2015)
Anthologies edited
Belinda McKeon recommends
The Difference (2016)
Justine Delaney Wilson
"Little Ismae is an unforgettable character...readers will be glad they've met her."
What To Do About the Solomons (2017)
Bethany Ball
"A riveting family drama which feels at once solidly classic and bitingly contemporary; if Transparent and A Thousand Acres snuck off and had a kid, you'd have What to Do About the Solomons."
He Is Mine and I Have No Other (2018)
Rebecca O'Connor
"He Is Mine And I Have No Other is a book of secrets, and it burns with the sadness and starkness particular to lives forced into secrecy and silence. And yet there is, too, in this story a lucid and beautiful happiness, fragile though it may be; the happiness of being young, and in love, and of finding that love returned. Rebecca O'Connor captures vividly the small triumphs and catastrophes of being a teenage girl in rural Ireland, but in the further darkness to which she reaches is a truth for all generations."
A River in the Trees (2019)
Jacqueline O'Mahony
"A gripping novel about two women, their desires and frustrations, about the wars they find themselves fighting . . . a thrill to discover."

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