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Martin Walker

Martin Walker is the Senior Director of the Global Business Policy Council (GBPC). Walker has written several books. He is the author of the 'Bruno' detective series set in the Périgord region of France, where Walker has a holiday home.

Genres: Mystery
Bruno, Chief of Police Investigation
1. Bruno, Chief of Police (2008)
     aka Death in the Dordogne
2. The Dark Vineyard (2009)
3. Black Diamond (2010)
4. The Crowded Grave (2011)
5. The Devil's Cave (2012)
5.5. Bruno and the Carol Singers (2012)
     aka Bruno and le Pere Noel
6. The Resistance Man (2013)
7. Children of War (2014)
     aka The Children Return
7.5. A Market Tale (2014)
8. The Dying Season (2015)
     aka The Patriarch
9. Fatal Pursuit (2016)
10. Templars' Last Secret (2017)
11. A Taste for Vengeance (2018)
11.5. The Chocolate War (2018)
12. The Body in the Castle Well (2019)
Bruno, Chief of Police: The Early Cases (omnibus) (2017)
Dying Season / Fatal Pursuit / Templars Last Secret (omnibus) (2018)