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David Meyer

UK flag (b.1947)

DAVID MEYER is an adventurer and the international bestselling author of the Cy Reed Adventures and the Apex Predator series. He’s been creating for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he made his own toys, invented games, and built elaborate cities with blocks and Legos. Before long, he was planning out murder mysteries and trap-filled treasure quests for his family and friends.

These days, his lifelong interests—lost treasure, mysteries of history, monsters, conspiracies, forgotten lands, exploration, and archaeology—fuel his personal adventures. Whether hunting for pirate treasure or exploring ancient ruins, he loves seeking out answers to the unknown. Over the years, Meyer has consulted on a variety of television shows. Most recently, he made an appearance on H2’s #1 hit original series, America Unearthed.

Meyer lives in New Hampshire with his wife and son.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Cy Reed Adventures
1. Chaos (2011)
2. Ice Storm (2013)
3. Torrent (2014)
4. Vapor (2015)
5. Fury (2016)
     aka Knox
Apex Predator
1. Behemoth (2015)
2. Savage (2017)
Randy Wolf and the Dropout Magicians
1. Destroying Magic (2018)