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Devin Murphy

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical, Thriller
Series contributed to
Destroyer (with Donna Courtois)
   More Blood (2014)
Devin Murphy recommends
The Astonishing Thing (2017)
Sandi Ward
"The book touches on some of the darker turns in life...the cat's personality and insights are so unsparing that it pulled me though this rich novel."
News of Our Loved Ones (2018)
Abigail DeWitt
"DeWitt’s beautiful and honest novel captures the full force of families spanning decades, wars, and oceans. Each character offers up shards of their existence until a radiant mosaic of deep longing, personal mythmaking, and remarkable endurance emerges. These characters brave the search for love, decency, and peace alongside the specter of loss. Yet the driving mystery here is not how sorrow hews us through time, but the resurgent heart’s ability to pass so much light from one generation to the next. This powerful book will imprint itself on readers."

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