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Eileen Mueller

Eileen Mueller is a multiple award-winning author of heart-pounding fantasy novels that will keep you turning the page. Dive into her worlds, full of magic, love, adventure and dragons! Eileen lives in New Zealand, in a cave, with four dragonets and a shape shifter, writing for young adults, children and everyone who loves adventure.
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   Twisty Christmas Tales (2013) (with Peter Friend and Alicia Ponder)
   Lost In The Museum (2014) (with Jenny Hammond, John Homes, Tim Jones, Tracie McBride, Lyn McConchie, Glynne MacLean, Phillip Mann, Jeena Murphy and A J Ponder)
   Box Set: Four More You Say Which Way Adventures: Dinosaur Canyon, Deadline Delivery, Dragons Realm, Creepy House (2016)
   Best of You Say Which Way Adventures (2016) (with Kevin Berry, Peter Friend, Blair Polly and DM Potter)
   Dark Dragons (2020)
   From the Shadows: Villainous Tales of Dark Lords, Despots, and Devils (2020) (with Zaid Samer Alshattle, Jeff Bacon, J P Burnison, Jamie Edmundson, Jamie Edmunson, Miri C Golden, D W Hawkins, Angel Haze, Aaron Hodges, Bethany Hoeflich, Joe Jackson, JC Kang, Eric T Knight, Jeffrey L Kohanek, Jacob Peppers, Allegra Pescatore, Rachel Rener, Christopher Russell, Stacey Trombley, J T Williams and Sarah K L Wilson)
Anthologies edited
   The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales (2014) (with Peter Friend and A J Ponder)