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Fiona McCallum spent her childhood years on the family cereal and wool farm outside the small town of Cleve on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. An avid reader and writer, she decided at the age of nine that she wanted to be the next Enid Blyton! She completed her final years of schooling at a private boarding school in Adelaide.

Having returned to her home town to work in the local council office, Fiona maintained her literary interests by writing poetry and short stories, and studying at TAFE via correspondence. Her ability to put into words her observations of country life saw a number of her feature articles published in the now defunct newspaper SA Statewide.

When her marriage ended Fiona moved to Adelaide, eventually found romance, and followed it to Melbourne. She returned to full-time study at the age of twenty-six and in 2000 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing & Editing and History) from Deakin University. While studying, she found herself drawn to writing fiction where her keen observation of the human condition and everyday situations could be combined with her love of storytelling.

After brief stints in administration, marketing, and recruitment, Fiona started Content Solutions, a consultancy providing professional writing and editing services to the corporate sector. Living with a sales and marketing executive and working on high level business proposals and tenders in Australia and overseas, gave Fiona great insight into vastly different ways of life.

Fiona continued to develop her creative writing skills by reading widely and voraciously, and attending several short courses. In 2001 she realised her true passion lay in writing full-length fiction, and in 2002 completed her first manuscript.

In early 2004 Fiona made the difficult decision to return to Adelaide alone in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle and develop a career as a novelist. She successfully re-established her consultancy. After enduring almost ten years of rejections from agents and publishers and a few years of enjoying the sharp contrast between her corporate work and creative writing, Fiona is now living her dream of being a full-time novelist.

Fiona writes "heart-warming journey of self-discovery stories." Her first novel Paycheque was released on April 1 2011 and became an 'instant bestseller'. A Life of Her Own is her eleventh novel.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance
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April 2024

Looking Out
Wattle Creek
   1. Wattle Creek (2012)
   2. Standing Strong (2016)
Button Jar
   1. Saving Grace (2013)
   2. Time Will Tell (2017)
   3. Meant to Be (2015)
Finding Hannah
   1. Finding Hannah (2018)
   2. Making Peace (2018)
   Australian Dreams (2011)
     aka Paycheque / Return to Adelaide Hills
   Australian Secrets (2011)
     aka Nowhere Else
   Leap of Faith (2017)
   A Life Of Her Own (2020)
   The Long Road Home (2021)
   Trick of the Light (2021)
   Her Time to Shine (2022)
   Sunrise Over Mercy Court (2023)
   Looking Out (2024)
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