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Janice MacDonald is a Canadian author of literary and mystery novels, textbooks, non-fiction titles, and stories for both children and adults. She is best known for writing five novels featuring amateur sleuth Miranda Randy Craig. The Randy Craig Mysteries were the first detective series to be set in Edmonton, Alberta, where Janice lives and works. The latest installment, Another Margaret, was published in September 2015 by Ravenstone Books, an imprint of the highly respected Turnstone Press. In recent years Janice has concentrated increasingly on literary short fiction, and she is currently writing a book-length work of creative non-fiction.

Janice is a lifelong fan of detective fiction and even wrote her masters thesis on the subject. She was a long-time reviewer of mystery novels for the Edmonton Journal and an on-air crime fiction expert for the Canadian television series Booked. Her first Randy Craig mystery was published in 1994. She is not to be confused with the small d Janice Macdonald who writes romance novels. Capital-D Janice MacDonald always makes certain that her books have a much higher body count.

Janice is honoured and delighted by the enthusiastic response to her latest books, and she enjoys interacting with readers through social media on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. To join the discussion, see the icon links at the top of this page.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
October 2024

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Victor and Me in Paris
(Imogene Durant Mysteries, book 1)
Randy Craig Mysteries
   1. Next Margaret (1994)
   2. Sticks and Stones (2001)
   3. The Monitor (2003)
   3. Hang Down Your Head (2011)
   4. Condemned to Repeat (2013)
   5. The Roar of the Crowd (2014)
   6. Another Margaret (2015)
   7. Eye of the Beholder (2018)
Imogene Durant Mysteries
   1. Victor and Me in Paris (2024)
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Janice MacDonald recommends
The Adventures of Isabel (2020)
(Epitome Apartments Mystery, book 1)
Candas Jane Dorsey
"In The Adventures of Isabel, we see Candas Jane Dorsey obviously having as much fun writing as the reader will have reading. A little Hammett, a little Hiaasen, a little Lot 49, this is the first book in a series that demands to be read with writerly intention. Unlike Robbe-Grillet or Eco, Dorsey doesn’t want to destroy the detective novel with her postmodern take on the form. She seeks instead to shake the reader out of submission and into a clearer vision and examination of the underpinnings of the genre - the real crime and grime and meanness of the streets on which it’s set. The laughs are thrown in for free."

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