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Jane Casey was born and brought up in Dublin. She then studied English at Jesus College, Oxford, followed by an mPhil in Anglo-Irish Literature at Trinity College, Dublin. Married to a criminal barrister, she lives in London and works in publishing as a children's books editor.

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Fiction
Jane Casey recommends
The Lost (2013)
(Paula Maguire, book 1)
Claire McGowan
"A brilliant portrait of a fractured society and a mystery full of heartstopping twists. Compelling, clever and entertaining."
Follow Me (2015)
(Social Media Murders, book 1)
Angela Clarke
"Clarke brings dazzling wit and a sharp sense of contemporary life to a fast-paced serial killer novel with serious style."
A Map of the Dark (2018)
(Searchers , book 1)
Karen Ellis
"Vivid, compelling and emotionally engaging, as the best crime novels are. Elsa is an unforgettable central character, damaged but determined. You know you are in good hands as the plot skilfully brings her past and her family into the investigation.... A perfect, deeply satisfying thriller that grips right to the end."
The Liar's Girl (2018)
Catherine Ryan Howard
"The Liar's Girl is heartstoppingly brilliant - a completely convincing, expertly plotted tale. The pace is unrelenting. Catherine Ryan Howard... is an extraordinary talent."
The Cliff House (2018)
Amanda Jennings
"This book made me whimper out loud for fear of what was going to happen. HUGELY enjoyable."
Promising Young Women (2018)
Caroline O'Donoghue
"This debut shows that Caroline O'Donoghue is one of the brightest stars in the current galaxy of young Irish writers. Promising Young Women is funny, clever, upsetting, fierce and absolutely of its time. A future classic."
A House of Ghosts (2018)
W C Ryan
"Hugely enjoyable, A House of Ghosts has the bones of a taut thriller wrapped up in the gorgeous romance of its ghostly island setting."
Stop At Nothing (2019)
Tammy Cohen
"Stop at Nothing is a chilling and completely gripping tale of obsession, shame and mother love. Tammy Cohen has a gift for creating characters who feel real and plots that ring true. She knows exactly how to pace a novel so the tension increases, page by page, until it's close to unbearable. I loved it."
The House Guest (2020)
Mark Edwards
"Sharp, well crafted, pacy and satisfying."
Fifty-Fifty (2020)
(Eddie Flynn, book 5)
Steve Cavanagh
"Very clever, darkly funny, moving, fast-paced, and Eddie Flynn is a terrific character."
The Babysitter (2020)
Phoebe Morgan
"The Babysitter is everything I love in a crime novel – a race-against-time mystery full of betrayal, divided loyalties, dubious men and relationships strained to breaking point. It is hugely enjoyable and impossible to put down until the thoroughly satisfying ending."
Remain Silent (2020)
(DS Manon Bradshaw, book 3)
Susie Steiner
"Completely gripping, this book is a joy."
The Shadow Friend (2020)
Alex North
"Alex North has outdone himself. As terrifying as a great horror novel, as unpredictable as the best type of crime novel and above all beautifully written, The Shadow Friend is the work of a writer who is an absolute master of his craft. I couldn't begin to guess how the story was going to end but I enjoyed every second of the journey."
Here is the Beehive (2020)
Sarah Crossan
"Devastatingly honest, heartbreaking and tender ... This is the most extraordinary novel I have read in years in form, ambition and scope - an incredible achievement and an instant classic. I will read it again and again."
Invisible Girl (2020)
Lisa Jewell
"I am always reminded of Ruth Rendell at her very best when I read Lisa Jewell. Not only is her plotting masterful, Lisa has the rare ability to make you care—passionately—about all her characters, whether they are important or minor, instantly appealing or apparently monstrous. Invisible Girl is quite brilliant in every way."
A Dark and Secret Place (2020)
Jen Williams
"A clever, chilling crime novel with a perplexing mystery, compelling storytelling and vivid characters."
Body Language (2020)
(Cassie Raven, book 1)
A K Turner
"Body Language is a stellar example of the forensic-medical crime genre. Impeccably researched, with fascinating insights and a truly memorable, original heroine, this is one of the best series openers I've read in years."
Girl A (2021)
Abigail Dean
"A tremendously assured, accomplished debut."
Black Widows (2021)
Cate Quinn
"Black Widows is a brilliant joyride in the company of three unforgettable women, sister-wives with nothing in common except their dead husband. Completely compelling and vividly told, the story plays with your loyalties and makes you question what counts as moral behaviour. This is a hugely enjoyable and original mystery with real heart, and I loved it."
The Pact (2021)
Sharon Bolton
"Sharon Bolton brilliantly skewers a group of over-privileged rich kids. It's a pleasure to watch them discover that actions have consequences as the plot unfolds. Fast-moving, addictive and thoroughly satisfying, this is another winner from one of my favourite crime writers."
The Perfect Lie (2021)
Jo Spain
"Jo Spain is a brilliant, compelling storyteller. The Perfect Lie will pin you to your seat until you reach the last page."
True Crime Story (2021)
Joseph Knox
"Pure genius - all the things you want to a crime novel to be, also hilarious. I love it."
Dead Man's Grave (2021)
(DS Max Craigie, book 1)
Neil Lancaster
"The best police procedural I’ve read in years."

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