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Louise Mangos

Louise Mangos grew up in rural north Hertfordshire, England. Her passion for writing was prompted by winning a poetry competition at the age of eleven and subsequently seeing her work published in the local newspaper. Her determination to see the world led her to set aside her artistic desires on leaving school, to obtain a Diploma in Business Communications, before embarking on a series of global travels during which she never stopped writing. She returned to art to study several foundation courses in Switzerland, then later journalism and creative writing at the University of Colorado in Boulder in her mid-twenties. Following a series of creative and novel writing workshops, the ambition to publish a full-length work of fiction was hatched.

Genres: Mystery
Farewell My Lovely (2018) (with Antony Dunford, Natalie Marlow, Nicola Monaghan, Louise Sharland, Wendy Turbin, Harriet Tyce, Mark Wightman, Freya Wolfe and UEA Crime Writers)