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Gridlock and Other Stories

A collection of stories by

DUTY, HONOR, PLANET -- A story of love, honor, courage, and the Strategic Defense Initiative . . .

SCOOP -- For Those Who Think Chernobyl and Three Mile Island Were Big Deals, in the Words of the Immortal Al Jolson: "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

BEER RUN -- What if you went out for a six-pack and never came back?

GIFT -- If you think nuclear power is a dangerous way to generate electricity, then you obviously haven't considered the drawbacks of solar energy!

THE SHROUD -- The Shroud of Turin is thought by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. As such, it could represent the greatest danger Christianity has yet faced . . .

WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARDIANS? -- Immortality must be purchased for a price. Perhaps that price is too high.

LIFE PROBE -- If an alien spacecraft searching for intelligent life in the universe encountered Earth, would it think that it had found any?

MAN OF THE RENAISSANCE -- If you think nuclear weapons are difficult to build, ask yourself the following question: How successful would the Manhattan Project have been at inventing the VCR?

GRIDLOCK -- Where would you go if you had invented a time machine, but couldn't steer it?

DREAM WORLD -- Does modern life ever remind you of a bad 1950s science fiction story? You may be closer to the truth than you think!

LYSENKO'S LEGACY -- There are things in life more important than ideology. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of age to realize this simple truth. (Published on Sci Fi - Arizona for the first time.)

Genre: Science Fiction

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