Margaret Ball

(Margaret Elizabeth Ball)
USA flag (b.1947)

aka Kate Ashton, Kathleen Fraser, Catherine Lyndell

Margaret Ball lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children. She has a B.A. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Texas. After graduation, she taught at UCLA, then spent several years honing her science fiction and fantasy skills by designing computer software and making inflated promises about its capabilities. Her most recent book publications are Lost in Translation and Mathemagics. When not writing, she plays the flute, makes quilts, and feeds the pets.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Romance
   Surgeon in Danger (1983) (as by Kate Ashton)
   Alliance of Love (1984) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Masquerade (1984) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Highland Flame (1984) (as by Kathleen Fraser)
   Captive Hearts (1985) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Sunset and Dawn (1985) (as by Kate Ashton)
   My Brazen Heart (1985) (as by Kathleen Fraser)
   Snow Sister (1985) (as by Kate Ashton)
   Vows Of Desire (1985) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Midwife Melanie (1985) (as by Kate Ashton)
   Love's Redemption (1986) (as by Kathleen Fraser)
   Love's Tender Promise (1986) (as by Kathleen Fraser)
   Ariane (1987) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Dear Dr. Sassenach (1987) (as by Kate Ashton)
   Tapestry of Pride (1987) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Passage to Paradise (1987) (as by Kathleen Fraser)
   Border Fires (1989) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Stolen Dreams (1989) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   Journey to Desire (1991) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   The Shadow Gate (1991)
   Midsummer Rose (1992) (as by Catherine Lyndell)
   No Earthly Sunne (1994)
   Lost in Translation (1995)
   Mathemagics (1996)
   Disappearing Act (2004)
   Duchess of Aquitaine (2006)
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Anthologies containing stories by Margaret Ball
Short stories
Joyful All Ye Nations Rise (1993)
Sikander Khan (1993)
Ballad of the Outer Life (1995)
Career Day (1995)
A Hole in the Sky (1996)
La Curandera (1996)
Shell Game (1999)
Fun with Hieroglyphics (2000)