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Sarah Miller

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Number One Bestselling Author of Amish Baby Hope, Amish in Faith's Creek, Amish Lost Love and many, many more.

Sarah Miller was born in Pennsylvania and spent her childhood close to the Amish people. Weekends were spent doing chores; quilting or eventually babysitting in the community. She grew up to love their culture and the simple lifestyle and had many Amish friends. The one thing that you can guarantee when you are near the Amish, Sarah believes is that you will feel close to God.

Many years later she married Martin who is the love of her life and moved to England. There she started to write stories about the Amish. Recently after a lot of persuasion from her best friend she has decided to publish her stories. They draw on inspiration from her relationship with the Amish and with God and she hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she did writing them. Many of the stories are based on true events but names have been changed and even though they are authentic at times artistic license has been used.

Sarah likes her stories simple and to hold a message and they help bring her closer to her faith. She currently lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband Martin and a few very spoiled chickens.

Sarah hopes her stories will both entertain and inspire and she wishes that you go with God.

Genres: Inspirational
Amish Quilting Circle (with Irene Glick)
   1. An Englischer's Folly (2022)
   2. The Amish Dream (2022)
   3. A Christmas Sleigh Ride Home (2022)
   4. Together For Christmas (2022)
   5. Amish Christmas Angels (2022)
   6. Caring For Christmas (2022)
   7. Amish Secret Baby (2023)
   8. The Foundling in the Flowers (2023)
   9. Eve's Big Decision (2023)
   10. Love, Heart, and Memory (2023)
   11. The Amish Housekeeper's Heart (2023)
   12. Adopted by Faith (2023)
   13. Threads of Faith and Love (2023)
   14. The Unexpected Chapter (2023)
   15. Amish Heartstrings (2023)
   16. Hannah's Amish Christmas (2023)
   17. Leia's Amish Christmas (2023)
   18. Melissa's Amish Christmas (2023)
   19. Abigail's Amish Christmas (2023)
   20. Barbara's Amish Christmas (2023)
   21. Quilts of the Heart (2024)
   22. Return to Love's Promise (2024)
   23. The Way to an Amish Heart (2024)
   24. A Stitch in Time (2024)
   25. A Second Chance at Love (2024)
Amish Secret
   2. Arleta (2022)
5 Amish Family
   1. A Love to Heal Her Heart (2022)
   2. A Love so Bright (2022)
   3. An Amish Christmas Blessing (2022)
   4. Amish Christmas (2022)
   5. Amish Spring Baby (2023)
   6. Stronger Than Whispers (2023)
   7. Blossoms of Trust (2023)
   8. Stitches of Love (2023)
   9. Harvests of Hopes (2023)
   10. Whispers of Love (2023)
   11. The Unexpected Miracle (2024)
   12. An Amish Widow and her Baby (2024)
   13. The Baker's baby (2024)
   14. The Amish Baby's Healing Touch (2024)
   15. The Carpenter's Lullaby (2024)
Amish Family and Faith
   1. Anna's Amish Season (2023)
   2. Mary's Faith (2023)
   3. Hanna's Journey Home (2023)
   4. Katie's Amish Choice (2023)
   6. Hope, Faith and Courage (2023)
   Hannah's Choice: (2017)
   The Journey of Love (2019)
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   An Amish Match (2018) (with Hannah Schrock)
Novellas and Short Stories
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