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BRIAN NASLUND had a brief stint in the New York publishing world but quickly defected to tech in Denver where he does internet marketing.

Genres: Fantasy
Dragons of Terra
   1. Blood of an Exile (2019)
   2. Sorcery of a Queen (2020)
   3. Fury of a Demon (2021)
Brian Naslund recommends
The Sword Defiant (2023)
(Lands of the Firstborn, book 1)
Gareth Hanrahan
"I loved every page. With The Sword Defiant, Hanrahan takes all of my favourite fantasy tropes and infuses them with creativity and vigour. The characters were unforgettable. Best of all, by the final page, I felt like I'd been on a true adventure."
Rise of the Mages (2022)
(Age of Ire, book 1)
Scott Drakeford
"Rise of the Mages is a proper adventure, bursting with bloody action and exciting twists. Emrael is a fantastic lead, full of strength and loyalty, but also a hot-headed impulsiveness and a compelling inner darkness that I couldn't get enough of."
The Blacktongue Thief (2021)
(Blacktongue Thief, book 1)
Christopher Buehlman
"Masterfully woven, joyfully mischievous, but also tragic and so heartfelt. Fans of Nicholas Eames and Joe Abercrombie will love The Blacktongue Thief."

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