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Gabby Noone is a writer and aspiring gameshow contestant. Her work has appeared in Rookie, the Hairpin, Jezebel, the Cut, and SSENSE, among other places. Her tweets have been featured in many prestigious listicles. She grew up in Abington, PA, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
   Layoverland (2020)
   Live, Laugh, Kidnap (2022)
Gabby Noone recommends
A Heavy Dose of Allison Tandy (2022)
(Heavy Dose of Allison Tandy, book 1)
Jeff Bishop
"Bishop has succeeded where many have tried and failed: getting me to empathize with a straight teenage boy. I loved this hilarious and totally original story of heartbreak and healing."
Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses (2021)
Kristen O'Neal
"Such a funny, tender story that addresses the uncomfortable logistical questions paranormal YA has long ignored, like what the heck happens to a werewolf's human teeth when they transform?! O'Neal writes about chronic illness and friendship both with a kind of care and attention these topics don't usually receive, but absolutely deserve. I loved this!"
Things That Grow (2021)
Meredith Goldstein
"Never has a book about scattering ashes been so full of life! Goldstein tackles grief with a sense of humor that will make you appreciate being alive—and also haunt you with the knowledge that there are human cremains lurking in every baseball stadium ever."

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