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Beverley Oakley

aka Beverley Eikli

Historical Romance Author Beverley Eikli  took her passion for handsome rogues and worthy heroines to new heights when she worked in the back of low flying survey aircraft over Greenland and French Guyana.Her imaginative forays into the ballrooms of Regency high society, scribbled on paper during long and turbulent survey lines were, however, counterbalanced by the efforts of her mostly male fellow crewmembers to teach her an appreciation of a cold Windhoek Lager or fiery KWV Brandy during three-month contracts away from home.While Beverleys broad repertoire of fictional heroes was fine-tuned through years of working in the male-dominated safari and airborne survey industries, her mostly nineteenth century heroines, by contrast, live very sheltered lives to the one their creator has enjoyed.

Flawed heroines and themes of redemption often find their way into her books, together with lashings of intrigue, mystery and sometimes adventure.

Genres: Historical Romance
Lady Farquhar's Butterfly (2010) (as by Beverley Eikli)
A Little Deception (2011) (as by Beverley Eikli)
Okavango Angel (2018) (as by Beverley Eikli)
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