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Fiona O'Brien


Fiona O'Brien is a best selling author of women's fiction.
After a convent education and a spell at university she began her career as an advertising copywriter working in London and Dublin where she was responsible for many award winning commercials.
When she grew tired of being confined to one page A4 and three lines of copy, she left advertising to begin work on her first novel.
Fiona lives in Dublin and is a hopeless animal lover. She loves reading, walking on the beach with her dog, people watching and visiting clairvoyants.
Her books have been welcomed by some terrific reviews, and she has been described by The Bookseller as one of Ireland's real stars.
Fiona writes intuitively about modern women of all ages, their lives and loves, and in particular family dynamics. Her writing has been described as warm, witty, insightful and wise.
She is currently working on her sixth novel - and she really, really hopes you enjoy her books.

Genres: Romance