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Jeneane O'Riley is an author of whimsically dark and romantic fantasy books. Her love of storytelling began as a small child, dreaming up glorious fantasies to fall asleep to. As she has grown older, her love of storytelling remained, but the tales grew more dangerous and filled with toe-curling tension.

She is a Hobby Mycologist and nature enthusiast that resides in Ohio, until she can locate a proper bridge to troll, or perhaps a large tree, spacious enough to hold her smoke show of a husband, her Irish wolfhound best friend, pet dove, and of course her three children.

Genres: Paranormal Romance
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January 2025

Where Did You Go?
(Infatuated fae, book 3)
Infatuated fae
   1. How does it feel? (2023)
   2. What Did You Do? (2024)
   3. Where Did You Go? (2025)

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