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Laura Owen

Pippa Goodhart (who also writes under the pen name of Laura Owen) comes from a background of selling childrens books, teaching, and childrens book publishing.
She has been writing childrens books for about twenty years, with over eighty books published, ranging from a board book to novels for adults.

You Choose, illustrated by Nick Sharratt, was winner of Mumsnets Best Book of the Year for Three to Four Year Olds and it has been picked again and again by Bookstart as one of their books to give three-year-olds, (and by the Booked Up scheme to be given to twelve year olds.

Pippa also writes the Winnie the Witch young fiction range under the pen name of Laura Owen.

As well as writing, Pippa does lots of school visits and also teaches a Writing for Children module at De Montfort University.
Pippa is currently helping her architect husband to build a new house! She has lived in Leicester for twenty-five years.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Chapter Books
Series contributed to
Winnie the Witch Omnibus
   Winne to the Rescue! / Yuck's Rotten Joke Ha! Ha! Ha! (omnibus) (2007) (with Korky Paul)
   Totally Winnie! (omnibus) (2012) (with Korky Paul)
   Winnie Takes All! (omnibus) (2012)
   Winnie's Halloween (omnibus) (2013)
   Magically Winnie! (omnibus) (2014)
   Wonderfully Winnie! (omnibus) (2015)
Winnie the Witch
   1. Whizz-Bang Winnie (2008)
   2. Mini Winnie (2008)
   3. Winnie Says Cheese (2009)
   4. Winnie the Twit (2009)
   5. Giddy-up, Winnie! (2009)
   6. Winnie's Big Catch (2009)
   7. Winnie Goes Batty (2010)
   8. Winnie On Patrol (2010)
   9. Winnie Takes the Plunge (2011) (with Korky Paul)
   10. Winnie Shapes Up (2011) (with Korky Paul)
   Winnie's Big Cackling Book (2009) (with Korky Paul)
   The Misadventures of Winnie the Witch (2011) (with Korky Paul)
   Winnie Goes for Gold (2012) (with Korky Paul)
   Nitty Winnie (2012) (with Korky Paul)
   Winnie Goes Wild! (2013)
   Absolutely Winnie! (2013) (with Korky Paul)
   Spooky Winnie (2013) (with Korky Paul)
   Winnie Spells Trouble! (2014)
   Winnie Adds Magic! (2014)
   Winnie the Bold! (2015)
   Winnie's Alien Sleepover (2015)
   Winnie's Treasure Hunt (2015)