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C M Owens

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C.M. Owens is an escapist, and loves to stretch the imagination. Writing is more than a passion - it's a necessity. It's a means of staying sane and happy.

Where do her ideas come from? Usually it's a line in a song that triggers an idea that spawns into a story. Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments, she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings, and her dancing is downright embarrassing. Just ask her two children. Her creativity rests solely in the written word. Her family is grateful that she gave up her quest to become a famous singer.

Genres: Romance, Paranormal Romance
C M Owens's books for adults only

Worth It (2017) (with S M Shade)
Destiny (2014) (with Cheryl Davis, WJ May, CM Owens and Chrissy Peebles)
Immortal Dreams (2014) (with CM Owens and Chrissy Peebles)
Believe (2014) (with Dale Mayer)
Burned (2014) (with Sierra Rose)
Romancing the Deadly (2014) (with Brenda K Davies and Kristen Middleton)
Awaken At Twilight (2015) (with WJ May, Kristen Middleton, Chrissy Peebles, CJ Pinard, J Wells and L Wells)
Hell on Wheels (2016) (with Bella Love-Wins, Dale Mayer, Sierra Rose and Lexy Timms)
Marked by Destiny (2014) (with Cheryl Davis, CM Dorporto, Samantha Long, WJ May, Dale Mayer, Kristen Middleton, CM Owens, Chrissy Peebles, CJ Pinard and Erica Stevens)
Hearts On Fire (2014) (with CM Doporto, Samantha Long, Dale Mayer, K L Middleton, Karly Morgan, CJ Pinard, Sierra Rose and Lexy Timms)
A Shade Of Darkness (2014) (with WJ May, Dale Mayer, CM Owens and Chrissy Peebles)
Dangerous Love (2014) (with Brenda K Davies, Melisa Hamling, Chrissy Peebles and Katie Salidas)