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Born and raised at the end of the Oregon Trail, Margaret Owen spent her childhood haunting the halls of Powell’s Books. After earning her degree in Japanese, her love of espresso called her north to Seattle, where she worked in everything from thrift stores to presidential campaigns. The common thread between every job can be summed up as: lessons were learned.

She now spends her days wrestling disgruntled characters onto the page, and negotiating a long-term hostage situation with her two monstrous cats. (There is surprisingly little difference between the two.)

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy

   Little Thieves (2021)
   Painted Devils (2023)
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Margaret Owen recommends
Timekeeper (2016)
(Tmekeeper Trilogy , book 1)
Tara Sim
"Scavenge the Stars is a garrote of a book, and by the time you realize it, it'll already have you by the throat. Amaya and Cayo's quests for vengeance and redemption will tear them-and you-apart, even as they uncover the terrible truths that bind them together. Readers who like heroes with tragedy, heroines with knives, and stories with teeth, all I can say is: eat your heart out."
Hush (2020)
(Hush , book 1)
Dylan Farrow
"Hush is a captivating tale of a girl's fight for her voice in a world where the only thing deadlier than power is the truth. Shae's search for answers in the dark will stay with readers long after the last page."
What We Devour (2021)
Linsey Miller
"WHAT WE DEVOUR is a twisting, complex puzzle box, effortlessly weaving sinister bargains, deadly magic, and the ethics of power and sacrifice. With an unforgettable cast and themes achingly relevant to today's readers, this book is not to be missed."

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