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Brontez Purnell

   100 Boyfriends (2021)
   Ten Bridges I've Burnt (poems) (2024)
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Blackouts (2023)
Justin Torres
"I'm crushed out on Justin Torres's writing: charming, sexy, soft, and full of truth. His words cut like Cupid's arrow."
Open Throat (2023)
Henry Hoke
"In this fantastical, deeply moving, and original adventure--also an unforgettable reckoning with contemporary Los Angeles--Henry Hoke introduces an animal whose life is more than just survival: they are full of longing, regret, memory, sadness, and astute observation. At the core of Open Throat sits a very precious and perishable lesson: survival is not our only job in life."
Kink (2021)
Garth Greenwell and R O Kwon
"Behind all the artifice and pageantry of what we deem as ‘kink,’ there are untold stories, uncharted maps, and hidden worlds of desire, anonymous encounters and solidarities amongst the muted fringes. For those not ‘in the life,’ this collection could read like a journal of degeneracy; for those who are more familiar, it could read like romance. Ultimately, though, in its wide-ranging splendor and sexiness, Kink proves that our desires, no matter how dark they are deemed, are always worthy of being named."

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