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Mark Pryor (Austin, TX) is a former newspaper reporter and now an assistant district attorney with the Travis County District Attorney's Office, in Austin, Texas. He is the creator of the true-crime blog D.A. Confidential. He has appeared on CBS News's 48 Hours and Discovery Channel's Discovery ID: Cold Blood.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery

   Lone Star Lawless (2017) (with Gale Albright, Alexandra Burt, V P Chandler, Kaye George, Janice Hamrick, Scott Montgomery, Laura Oles, Terry Shames and Kathy Waller)
Series contributed to
Bullet Books Speed Reads
   4. The Hot Seat (2019) (with Manning Wolfe)
Non fiction
Mark Pryor recommends
Aberration (2013)
Lisa Regan
"Kill For You is a sophisticated and compelling suspense novel. Just when you think you know what's next, the story whips you around a corner into shocking new territory and you discover nothing is quite what it seems. Kill For You will keep you reading, and guessing, until the very end, when not one but two shocking twists await the reader. Lisa Regan has also created that rarity, a wonderfully original and complex heroine in Kassidy Bishop, who is a tough and bright FBI agent but also refreshingly human. Someone to root for, fear for, and hope we meet again in another Lisa Regan novel."
Heart of Stone (2016)
(Ellie Stone Mystery, book 4)
James W Ziskin
"Heart of Stone is the best Ellie Stone mystery yet, and that's saying something. The plot rockets along, fueled by colorful characters, intriguing clues, and Ellie herself, who is witty, vulnerable, and one of the finest and most fun amateur sleuths in crime fiction. I've read every Ellie Stone mystery, and I can't wait for the next."
Flamingo Road (2017)
(Fia McKee, book 1)
Sasscer Hill
"Paced like a roller coaster ride, Flamingo Road is rich with authentic South Florida setting and racetrack detail as it races through a story of betrayal, family loyalty, illicit drugs, and a set of thugs that will keep you reading late into the night."
Murderous Mistral (2017)
(Provence Mystery, book 1)
Cay Rademacher
"The novel bristles with characters whose secrets slowly reveal themselves, and Cay Rademacher draws us into a world that is in equal parts alluring and lethal. A wonderful tale, wonderfully told."

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