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Katherine Pathak lives in rural north Essex with her husband and two young children. She has worked as a History teacher for over ten years and before that she worked in the book trade in London. Aoife's Chariot is her first novel. Katherine has lived in the south-east of England for most of her life, but her father's family come from the Isle of Arran in Scotland and this has been the inspiration for the fictional Island of Garansay, which is the stunning backdrop to this novel. Katherine's life-long interest in History also plays an important part in her writing and she tries to weave historical narratives into her imaginative and ingenious plots. Katherine is currently working on the second in the series of 'Imogen and Hugh Croft mysteries', which should appeal to readers who enjoy her well observed characters and gripping storylines. Katherine feels that a good psychological thriller should explore the quirks and eccentricities of human nature, but that they should always be believable and the plot should reward the reader with a deeply satisfying conclusion. Katherine enjoys writing the sort of novels that she likes to read herself and very much hopes that her readership feels the same!

Genres: Mystery
Imogen and Hugh Croft
   0. The Flawed Emerald and Other Stories (2016)
   1. Aoife's Chariot (2013)
   2. The Only Survivor (2013)
   3. Lawful Death (2014)
   Full Beam (2014)
   4. The Woman Who Vanished (2014)
   5. Memorial For The Dead (2014)
   6. The Ghost Of Marchmont Hall (2015)
   7. Mystery At Christmas Cottage (2015)
   8. A Better Place (2020)
DCI Dani Bevan
   1. Against a Dark Sky (2014)
   2. On A Dark Sea (2015)
   3. A Dark Shadow Falls (2015)
   4. Dark As Night (2015)
   5. The Dark Fear (2015)
   6. Girls Of The Dark (2015)
   7. Hold Hands In The Dark (2016)
   8. Dark Remedies (2016)
   9. Dark Origin (2017)
   10. The Dark Isle (2017)
   11. Dark Enough to See (2018)
   12. The Eye in the Dark (2019)
   13. The Dark Raven (2021)
   14. When All Is Dark (2022)
   Mint Choc Chip (2016)
   I Trust You (2016)

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