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Michael Wood is a former journalist and proofreader living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where his crime fiction novels are set. His first to feature DCI Matilda Darke, FOR REASONS UNKNOWN was published by Killer Reads at Harper Collins in autumn 2015. The second, OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, will be published in May 2016. Michael is currently working on the third.

Genres: Mystery
Michael Wood recommends
The Follow (2012)
(PC Gareth Bell, book 1)
Paul Grzegorzek
"Peter James meets Luke Delaney in a blistering, heart-stopping novel. A genuine snapshot of policing in twenty-first century Britain. Dark, shocking, pacy, and utterly brilliant."
Ice Lake (2017)
(Harry Cull, book 1)
John A Lenahan
"An assured and confident debut. Harry Cull is a unique and likeable creation. Fans of James Carol's Jefferson Winter series are going to love this."
Before Her Eyes (2018)
Jack Jordan
"An original, pacy and claustrophobic thriller."
Good Samaritans (2018)
Will Carver
"Good Samaritans is dark, edgy, disturbing, shocking and sexy. It’s also highly original and one of the best thrillers of the year. Cancel all plans when you start this book and warn those around you; any interruptions may cause them harm. You need to read this book."
Call Me Star Girl (2019)
Louise Beech
"Beech has used her unique flair and constructed a crime fiction story that will have you frantically turning the pages until you get to the end."

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