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James Riley is the author of the Half Upon a Time series, as well as many books too unwritten to count. He's met thousands of imaginary people, most of whom are more polite than you'd think, but less interesting than you'd hope. He doesn't believe fairy tales actually happened, mostly because he's never had tiny elves do his work for him at night, despite them promising several times.

James currently lives in Los Angeles, but it's not like he's special that way ... so do a lot of other people.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Half Upon a Time
   1. Half Upon a Time (2010)
   2. Twice Upon a Time (2012)
   3. Once Upon the End (2013)
Story Thieves
   1. Story Thieves (2015)
   2. The Stolen Chapters (2016)
   3. Secret Origins (2017)
   4. Pick the Plot (2017)
   5. Worlds Apart (2018)
Revenge of Magic
   1. The Revenge of Magic (2019)
   2. The Last Dragon (2019)
   3. The Future King (2020)
   4. The Timeless One (2020)
   5. The Chosen One (2021)
James Riley recommends
The Thieving Collectors of Fine Children's Books (2021)
Adam Perry
"This takes getting lost in a book to a whole new level. I loved it!."
The Library of Ever (2019)
(Library of Ever, book 1)
Zeno Alexander
"Zeno Alexander's The Library of Ever reads like someone mixed Neil Gaiman with Chris Grabenstein, then threw in an extra dash of charm. Reading it is like getting lost in an entire library full of books, and never wanting to leave!"
Misfits (2018)
(Royal Academy Rebels, book 1)
Jen Calonita
"Misfits is funny, charming, and rebellious ... just like Devin. I can't wait to see what happens next!"

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