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Mark Reps has been a writer and storyteller his whole life. Born in small town southeastern Minnesota, he trained as a mathematician and chiropractor but never lost his love of telling or writing a good story. As an avid desert wilderness hiker Mark spends a great deal of time roaming the desert and other terrains of southeastern Arizona from December to May. A chance meeting with an old time colorful sheriff led him to develop the Zeb Hanks character and the world that surrounds him. Mark returns often to SE Arizona for inspiration, information and to maintain the general feel of the area, learn its history and understand the local residents.

When Mark started writing he became pen pals with Tony Hillerman who offered up tips, criticism and ideas on some of his early novels. His books are often compared with the Longmire television series and books by Craig Johnson. Welcome to the series!
Zeb Hanks
   0.5. Native Roots (2019)
   1. Native Blood (2013)
   2. Holes in the Sky (2013)
   3. Adios Angel (2013)
   4. Native Justice (2014)
   5. Native Bones (2015)
   6. Native Warrior (2016)
   7. Native Earth (2017)
   8. Native Destiny (2018)
   9. Native Trouble (2019)
   10. Native Fate (2020)
   11. Native Dreams (2021)
   12. Native Revenge (2022)
   13. Native Deception (2023)
   14. Native Spirit (2023)
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