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Margaret Maron

USA flag (1938 - 2021)

Born and raised in central North Carolina, Margaret Maron lived in Italy before returning to the USA. She was a past president of Sisters in Crime and of the American Crime writers' league, and was a director on the national board for Mystery Writers of America.

Genres: Mystery, Romance
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Short stories
Lady in the Cream-Colored Chiffon (1994) (with Elizabeth Anderson)

Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1989) : Corpus Christmas
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (1992) : Bootlegger's Daughter
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1993) : Southern Discomfort
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1993) : Bootlegger's Daughter
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1993) : Bootlegger's Daughter
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (1993) : Bootlegger's Daughter
Macavity Awards Best Novel winner (1993) : Bootlegger's Daughter
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (1996) : Up Jumps the Devil
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1998) : Home Fires
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : Home Fires
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2000) : Storm Track
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2003) : Last Lessons of Summer
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2004) : High Country Fall
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2005) : Rituals of the Season
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2005) : High Country Fall
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2007) : Hard Row
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2011) : Three-Day Town
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2012) : The Buzzard Table
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2014) : Designated Daughters
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2014) : Designated Daughters
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel winner (2015) : Long Upon the Land
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2017) : Take Out

Margaret Maron recommends
The Queen is Dead (1994)
(Jocelyn O'Roarke, book 5)
Jane Dentinger
"Reader's who have missed Ngaio Marsh's theatre mysteries can stop mourning."
Grizzly (1994)
(Lee Squires, book 2)
Christine Andreae
"Christine Andreae writes about Montana's wilderness with the grace and sensitivity of a poet. Grizzly blends mystery with ecology, then wrenches us with the dwindling of Earth's less-cuddly species-both ursine and human."
The Death We Share (1995)
(Patricia Delaney, book 3)
Sharon Short
"Hercule Poirot, Private Inquiry Agent, used to boast of his 'leetle gray cells.' Patricia Delaney, Investigative Consultant, uses the electronic bytes in her 'little gray box' to solve her cases with equal efficiency and flair. But computers never replace compassion and it's a pleasure to watch Delaney at work."
Fire and Fog (1996)
(Fremont Jones, book 2)
Dianne Day
"Fans of Elizabeth Peters or Anne Perry should love Dianne Day's new turn-of-the-century female sleuth."
Death in Little Tokyo (1996)
(Ken Tanaka, book 1)
Dale Furutani
"The premise for Death in Little Tokyo is that mystery enthusiast Ken Tanaka belongs to the L.A. Mystery Club and he's setting up a role-playing mystery for the group, in which he plays a hard-boiled P.I. When a beautiful woman hires him as a go-between, he immediately assumes someone is playing a joke. Unfortunately, the murder that follows is no joke. Good local color and interesting details about modern Japanese-American customs and rituals."
Whose Death is It, Anyway? (1997)
(Peaches Dann, book 4)
Elizabeth Daniels Squire
"Peaches Dann is one peach of a sleuth!"
Dead Man's Float (1998)
(Jersey Shore, book 1)
Beth Sherman
"Ghostwriter Anne Hardaway is a delightful mix of humor, pragmatism and vulnerability."
Dead March (1998)
(Civil War, book 1)
Ann McMillan
"What an intriguing trio! I do hope they're enlisted for the duration."
The Silly Season (1999)
(Anneke Haagen, book 5)
Susan Holtzer
"[Holtzer] lifts herself into the front ranks of present-day mystery writers."
Murder of a Sleeping Beauty (2002)
(Scumble River, book 3)
Denise Swanson
"A delightful new series."
Click Here For Murder (2003)
(Turing Hopper, book 2)
Donna Andrews
"Rarely have I been charmed by a new series character as I am by Turing Hopper."
Swift Justice (2010)
(Charlie Swift , book 1)
Laura DiSilverio
"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting soft-boiled private eye, Charlotte Swift. With believable credentials (ex-Air Force, Office of Special Investigations), Charlie's tricky case is lightened by the Humvee-driving abandoned wife of Charlie's ex-partner, a heretofore 'spa-to Saks-to-dinner party' matron, who has decided she wants to be a PI. Swift Justice is a delightfully sure-footed mixture of light and dark, and it signals the debut of a solid series."
Crying Blood (2011)
(Alafair Tucker Mysteries, book 5)
Donis Casey
"Thoroughly engrossing..."
These Dark Things (2011)
(Captain Natalia Monte, book 1)
Jan Merete Weiss
"When Jan Merete Weiss's Captain Natalia Monte investigates the murder of a beautiful young university student, she must thread an uneasy path between childhood loyalties, religious superstition, corrupt officials, growing piles of garbage, and warring factions of an entrenched Camorra. Weiss has done her homework, walked the pestilent streets, prowled the catacombs below the city, and created a thoroughly human woman who will do what she must to protect her part of a city that both enchants and infuriates her."
Cold Feet (2013)
(Stella Lavender Mystery, book 1)
Karen Pullen
"Pullen combines good suspense with such nice touches of humor that this strong debut promises to turn into a habit forming series."
Phony Tinsel (2013)
Robert S Levinson
"A delightfully improbable romp through 1938 Hollywood with all the usual Levinson wit and humor."
Winter at the Door (2015)
(Lizzie Snow Mystery, book 1)
Sarah Graves
"Sarah Graves writes with grace and intelligence, and a love for her state shines through in this stylish debut of a new series set against Maine’s dark and foreboding forests. I’m hooked!"
The Man On the Washing Machine (2015)
(Theo Bogart Mystery, book 1)
Susan Cox
"Sue Cox writes with deft assurance. An appealing cast of characters and an absorbing plot that kept me turning the pages."
Flamingo Road (2017)
(Fia McKee, book 1)
Sasscer Hill
"In her new thriller, Sasscer Hill ups the ante on her horses. Could she be the Dick Francis of her generation? Count me among those who would vote yes."

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