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Mark Greaney has a degree in International Relations and Political Science and is pursuing his Masters in Intelligence Studies with a concentration in Criminal Intelligence. The grey man became a national bestseller, and was nominated for a Barry Award in the Best Thriller category. A feature film adaptation of the gray man is in development by New Regency Pictures. 

Genres: Thriller
New Books
February 2023

(Gray Man, book 12)
Gray Man
   1. The Gray Man (2009)
   2. On Target (2010)
   3. Ballistic (2011)
   4. Dead Eye (2013)
   5. Back Blast (2016)
   6. Gunmetal Gray (2017)
   7. Agent in Place (2018)
   8. Mission Critical (2019)
   9. One Minute Out (2020)
   10. Relentless (2021)
   11. Sierra Six (2022)
   12. Burner (2023)
Jack Ryan (with Tom Clancy)
   11. Locked On (2011)
   12. Threat Vector (2012)
   13. Command Authority (2013)
continued in the series: Jack Ryan
Series contributed to
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2017) : Back Blast
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2018) : Gunmetal Gray
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2020) : Mission Critical

Mark Greaney recommends
Warning Light (2014)
(Jake Keller Thiller, book 1)
David Ricciardi
"Warning Light is a blazing thriller with relentless pace and impressive detail. An engaging combination of intrigue and action, along with a breakneck cadence that will keep readers flipping pages to the end, Warning Light is a winner."
Shadow War (2016)
(Tom Locke, book 1)
Sean McFate
"A bold, riveting thriller...Sure to please fans of Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, and Danial Silva."
Greatest Enemy (2016)
(American Mercenary, book 1)
Jason Kasper
"Jason Kasper’s American Mercenary series boils with bold action, exotic locales, and spellbinding intrigue."
Putin's Gambit (2017)
James O Born and Lou Dobbs
"Putin's Gambit is a fun ride that also paints a plausible and timely scenario that I just hope remains a work of fiction, and does not instead show up as fact in tomorrow's news!"
Into a Dark Frontier (2017)
John Mangan
"John Mangan's Into a Dark Frontier is a powerful, realistic, and daringly unique international thriller. Its near-future plotline is as brilliantly crafted as it is dark and foreboding, and the action scenes are visceral and utterly thrilling. Tormented but able Slade Crawford is a perfect anti-hero to root for, and Into a Dark Frontier is a surefire winner of a debut."
No Return (2018)
(Jack Strider, book 3)
Rob Sangster
"A blazing thriller chock-full of intelligence and action."
Reaper: Ghost Target (2018)
(Sniper , book 1)
Nicholas Irving and A J Tata
"Ghost Target by Nicholas Irving and A.J. Tata is a kinetic and elaborate page-turner; rich with detail and blazing with action, it’s one hell of a wild ride. Vick Harwood is a bigger-than-life hero thriller fans will love."
Buried in Black (2018)
(Task Force Orange, book 1)
J T Patten
"J.T. Patten’s Buried in Black takes readers deep into the shadows with an explosive narrative that could only have been written by a man who has been there himself. Buried in Black delivers on action, intrigue, and excitement!"
The Night Agent (2019)
Matthew Quirk
"The Night Agent is a whirlwind of a book, a captivating narrative that takes us inside the White House’s inner sanctum and the shadowy machinations surrounding it. A powerful and taut thriller."
Rules of Engagement (2019)
(WMD Files , book 3)
David Bruns and J R Olson
"In Rules of Engagement, David Bruns and J. R. Olson deliver a captivating and utterly authentic portrayal of modern day combat that compares with the best of the timeless classics by Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Stephen Coonts. This one must not be missed!"
Assassin's Revenge (2019)
(David Slaton, book 6)
Ward Larsen
"Sure to entertain fans of David Slaton and Robert Ludum...builds with authenticity and suspense towards a riveting climax of pure action."
The Extinction Agenda (2019)
(Extinction Agenda, book 1)
Michael Laurence
"Michael Lawrence's blistering debut, The Extinction Agenda, is an exciting, bold, and dynamic thriller! The stakes are impossibly high, the action and suspense is non-stop, and the characters are vibrant and memorable. Michael Lawrence is a new name to watch in the genre."
The Treadstone Resurrection (2019)
(Treadstone, book 1)
Joshua Hood
"An intense and electrifying espionage adventure…a worth addition to the Ludlum bookshelf."
Double Crossfire (2019)
(Jake Mahegan, book 6)
A J Tata
"Tata is in the top tier thriller writers working today."
Active Measures (2019)
(Jericho Quinn, book 8)
Marc Cameron
"Blistering reads...Cameron's books are riveting page-turners."
Without Sanction (2020)
(Matt Drake , book 1)
Don Bentley
"Don Bentley’s Without Sanction is seriously one of the most compelling debuts in recent memory.Brilliantly crafted and written, this book is a thoroughly riveting read and Don Bentley is an exciting new voice in the thriller world."
The Unwilling (2021)
John Hart
"The Unwilling is crime fiction at its absolute best. An impeccable story teller, John Hart weaves an intricate tale of family, war, prison, and murder into a thoroughly thought provoking and enjoyable read that I absolutely could not put down."
The Shadow People (2021)
Joe Clifford
"A brilliantly written novel: dark, mysterious, and gritty, where nothing is as it seems, and jolting twists abound. Fans of psychological thrillers by Dean Koontz and Stephen King will utterly devour Shadow People and demand more from Clifford, fast!"
Down Range (2021)
(Garrett Kohl, book 1)
Taylor Moore
"Taylor Moore's Down Range is an intense, authentic, and spellbinding powerhouse that pulls no punches. With high-octane action as well as genuine Texas lore and bravado, readers will be wanting more from hero Garrett Kohl and author Taylor Moore, and soon!"
Dark Intercept (2021)
(Shepherds, book 1)
Andrews & Wilson
"Dark Intercept is a masterpiece of a military thriller with remarkable heart and depth. No one in the genre writes grittier and more authentic action than these two authors, and yet Dark Intercept also deals with the intriguing questions of spirituality and the human condition, making it a spellbinding page-turner that will leave you both thrilled and enriched by the experience."
The Last Protector (2021)
(Clayton White, book 1)
Simon Gervais
"The Last Protector, by Simon Gervais, is a perfectly built, spellbinding thriller with true heart and depth woven into the blood-soaked and bone-crunching action. Relentlessly paced, authentic, and utterly engrossing, The Last Protector knocked me off my feet."
Beat the Devils (2022)
(Morris Baker, book 1)
Josh Weiss
"Beat The Devils by Josh Weiss blew me away. A brilliant alternate history, a riveting fifties-era noir crime caper, and an edge of your seat thriller - all wrapped into one! This is a stunning novel that takes readers for a mind-bending ride with elements that seem shockingly relevant in our current day and age."
The Handler (2022)
(Handler Thriller, book 1)
M P Woodward
"A brilliant thriller...This is one you don't want to miss."
The Lawless Land (2022)
(Tales of the Lawless Land, book 1)
Beth Morrison and Boyd Morrison
"A thoroughly entertaining tale that I found to be exceedingly well told. In their first collaboration, they have crafted a novel full of both authenticity and thrills, and readers are sure to clamor for more from this writing duo."
December '41 (2022)
William Martin
"William Martin's thriller December '41 is a well-written, well-researched, and utterly engrossing work of historical fiction. I loved the rich characters, the noir-like dialogue and settings, and the backdrop of those terrifying days in the American Homeland during the start of World War Two. A great piece of writing that was a blast to read."
The Gatekeeper (2022)
(Dez Limerick, book 1)
James Byrne
"The Gatekeeper starts fast and moves faster. It's a taut, explosive tale with high stakes and authenticity that kept me riveted and fanning the pages. Fans of Lee Child and Vince Flynn will love the hero, Dez, and find themselves enthralled in The Gatekeeper."
The Instructor (2023)
(Derek Harrington, book 1)
T R Hendricks
"A brilliant debut by an author who obviously knows his stuff! Derek Harrington is a terrific new hero, a former Marine and wilderness survival expert who finds himself in a battle of wits against both a determined enemy and nature itself. Packed with action, tension, and humanity, The Instructor delivers."

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