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Enemy In Sight

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"Nick Ryan knows his craft, and his topic. His World War 3 stories are tightly-written, fast-moving, with great characters."
Co-author of Tom Clancy's 'Red Storm Rising' and New York Times bestselling author of 'Red Phoenix'
When the Russian Army invading northern Poland threatens to quickly overwhelm Warsaw, a lone Company of American Abrams tanks and a unit of Irish infantry are sent forward to the small village of Stare Lubiejewo and given an impossible mission; hold back the advancing Russian Army at all costs. Overwhelmed by enemy tanks and APC's, the American tankers and the Irish infantry heroically fight off one determined assault after another until it seems they must surely be over-run. But the American and Irish fighting in the bomb-ravaged village have one last desperate plan up their sleeve. If it works, it might just buy the time the Allies need to reinforce and save the threatened Polish capital...
From the book...
The two tanks broke free of the rubble that sheltered them and dashed gamely out into the fields, firing from point-blank range at the enemy troop carriers. A handful of advancing Russian infantry were crushed under their surging steel tracks. Others were scythed down by the Abrams machine guns. Three BMP-3s exploded in quick succession before the first of the enemy APCs slewed round on its spinning steel tracks and began to edge backwards. With the Abrams so close to their own troop carriers, the T-90s on the ridge fell silent, fearful of hitting friendly targets. One of the BMP-3s fired its main gun at an Abrams as it rampaged towards the hedgerow. The round struck the American tank’s turret and deflected away harmlessly. Two more APCs fired at the same tank but the Abrams emerged, its sloped steel armor scorched and dented, but intact. The Russian infantry in the fields around the village lost all cohesion; they became just a cluster of desperate men who realized salvation depended on them retreating to the shelter of their troop carriers before the vehicles reversed and fled the field. The soldiers edged backwards, still firing to cover their withdrawal, and glanced nervously over their shoulders, fearful they would be abandoned...

Genre: Thriller

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