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Charge To Battle

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"Nick Ryan knows his craft, and his topic. His World War 3 stories are tightly-written, fast-moving, with great characters."
Co-author of Tom Clancy's 'Red Storm Rising' and New York Times bestselling author of 'Red Phoenix'
As Russian troops pour into northern Poland, an elite Platoon of American scouts in Stryker reconnaissance vehicles faces a dangerous assignment; they must clear the route ahead for a US Cavalry column preparing to counter attack the flank of the enemy spearhead before it reaches Warsaw. But the scouts' difficult mission is made even more complicated when a Company of Polish militia are added to the counter attacking force, and a vital bridge is found to be defended by the enemy. Faced with an impossible battle to win the bridge, and the challenge of unreliable Polish allies, the Cavalry scouts must find a way to fight through a dug-in Russian force that is determined to hold the vital crossing at all costs.
From the book...
The Russians had the range to the bridge already zeroed in. They didn’t need to know exactly where the Americans were. They only needed to know they were making another attempt to seize the bridge. Mortar shells began to fall like rain, churning the ground to a slurry of muddy furrows and spewing deadly shrapnel. Inevitably men on the road and along the riverbank began to fall. Some were killed outright, shredded to pieces by the booming barrage of explosions. Others were scythed down and fell into the long grass clutching at gruesome wounds. Cries of pain and agony filled the space between each fresh explosion, becoming shrill with panic and desperation. Freshly spilled blood spattered the blacktop and soaked the fields.
The MGSs behind low cover to the east of the bridge returned fire, their muzzle flares lighting up the night. The wicked recoil of each round kicked up a swirl of dust around the rocking chassis. Ejected round casings shot out from a chute in the rear of the turret and clattered on the ground. The M1128s were operating in batteries to concentrate their fire, scouring the slope of the far crest with canister. The thrashing hail forced the Russian infantry deep into their trenches, but did nothing to slow the rate of incoming mortar fire...

Genre: Thriller

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