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Ronda Rich

Ronda Rich, best-selling author and syndicated columnist, first exploded on the national stage over a decade ago with the wildly successful What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should), a book now in its 33rd printing. The popularity of that book launched her as a storyteller who rivets audiences with tales of the South as seen through the eyes of its people.

Her latest book, There's A Better Day A-Comin', is a personal accounting of dozens of people famous and non-famous who triumphed over tribulation and setbacks to push through adversity and find a better day. Uplifting and encouraging, each provocative story has a prevailing theme: No matter how hard times get, a better day always comes again. Always.

As was the case with two other of her books, There's A Better Day A-Comin' was the subject of an auction among several publishers bidding for the right to publish such a timely, inspiring tome. She is also the author of the best-selling What Southern Women Know About Faith, What Southern Women Know About Flirting, My Life in The Pits (a critically acclaimed memoir of her years in NASCAR racing as a reporter and publicist) and the novel, The Town That Came A-Courtin', that premiered in 2014 as a television movie starring Lauren Holly and the much beloved Valerie Harper.

Genres: Inspirational