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Best selling author Linda Conrad writes for Harlequin-Silhouette Books. Her novels have been translated into sixteen languages and are sold in over twenty-two countries!

Linda's sensual characters and passionate stories have brought her numerous awards and raves! Over the years her workshops for RWA chapters and conferences have helped many writers learn new skills and techniques.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Romance
   Renegade Millionaire / Cinco (2004) (with Kristi Gold)
   Her Convenient Millionaire / The Gentrys - Cal (2004) (with Gail Dayton)
   Marooned with a Millionaire / The Gentrys - Abby (2004) (with Kristi Gold)
   Scandal Between the Sheets / Slow Dancing with a Texan (2004) (with Brenda Jackson)
   Sleeping with the Boss / The Cowboy's Baby Surprise (2004) (with Maureen Child)
   Shameless / Desperado Dad (2004) (with Ann Major)
   The Heart of a Stranger / Secrets, Lies...and Passion (2004) (with Sheri Whitefeather)
   Laws of Passion / Caught in the Crossfire (2004)
   The Marriage Ultimatum / Slow Dancing with a Texan (2004) (with Anne Marie Winston)
   Secrets, Lies... and Passion / Baby and the Beast (2005) (with Laura Wright)
   The Enemy's Daughter / The Laws of Passion (2005) (with Anne Marie Winston)
   Hot to the Touch / Seduction by the Book (2005) (with Jennifer Greene)
   Bridal Promise / Scandalous Melody (2005) (with Virginia Dove)
   Under the Tycoon's Protection / Between Strangers (2006) (with Anna DePalo)
   Diamonds Can be Deadly / Shadow Force (2006) (with Merline Lovelace)
   Forced to the Altar / Seduction by the Book (2007) (with Susan Crosby)
   Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress / Reflected Pleasures (2007) (with Michelle Celmer)
   Expecting Thunder's Baby / Scandalous Melody (2007) (with Sheri Whitefeather)
   Secrets and Desire (2009) (with Lisa Jackson and Barbara McCauley)
   Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride / Soldier's Secret Child (2009) (with Caridad Piñeiro)
   Covert Christmas (2010) (with Marilyn Pappano and Loreth Anne White)
   Desert Knights (2011) (with Loreth Anne White)
   Medusa's Sheikh / Her Sheikh Protector (2011) (with Cindy Dees)
   Danger in the Desert / The Sheikh's Lost Princess (2011) (with Merline Lovelace)
   A Soldier's Redemption / Secret Agent Sheikh (2011) (with Rachel Lee)
   Rancher's Perfect Baby Rescue / AK-Cowboy (2012) (with Joanna Wayne)
   Christmas Confidential (2012) (with Marilyn Pappano)
   Last Chance Reunion (2013)
   Midnight on the Sands (2015) (with Olivia Gates and Maisey Yates)
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