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Anna J Stewart

A geek at heart, national bestselling author Anna J Stewart writes refreshingly unique, quietly humorous, and profoundly moving romance (RT Book Reviews) for Harlequin Heartwarming (The Butterfly Harbor series), Berkley InterMix (The Tremayne Family Romances), and the upcoming BONDED trilogy for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. Shes also the author of the Lantano Valley novella (sweet romance) series and a regular contributor to USA Todays HEA Blog (The Writers Box). Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural & Sherlock addiction, surrounds herself with friends and family and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps its Snickers who tolerates her).

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense

   Christmas, Actually (2014) (with Anna Adams and Melinda Curtis)
   Harlequin Heartwarming December 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Melinda Curtis, Helen DePrima and Gwen Ford Faulkenberry)
   Make Me a Match (2016) (with Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb)
   Harlequin Heartwarming June 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Helen DePrima, T R McClure and Tara Randel)
   A Heartwarming Holiday (2016) (with Anna Adams, Melinda Curtis, Amie Denman, Cheryl Harper, Tara Taylor Quinn, Tara Randel, Leigh Riker, Carol Ross, Amy Vastine and Cari Lynn Webb)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense November 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Amelia Autin, Justine Davis and Karen Whiddon)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense May 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Regan Black, Marie Ferrarella and Lara Lacombe)
   Harlequin Heartwarming August 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Beth Carpenter, Muriel Jensen and Sophia Sasson)
   Heartwarming Holiday Wishes (2017) (with Anna Adams, Melinda Curtis, Liz Flaherty, Cheryl Harper, Tara Randel, Leigh Riker, Carol Ross, Amy Vastine and Cari Lynn Webb)
   Harlequin Heartwarming March 2018 Box Set (2018) (with Melinda Curtis, Amie Denman and Kim Findlay)
   Harlequin Heartwarming December 2018 Box Set (2018) (with Callie Endicott, Cheryl Harper and Cathryn Parry)
   Forbidden Nights With The Boss (2019) (with Nancy Robards Thompson and Meredith Webber)
   Harlequin Heartwarming September 2019 Box Set (2019) (with Barbara White Daille, Shirley Hailstock and Syndi Powell)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense September 2019 Box Set (2019) (with Carla Cassidy, Marie Ferrarella and Tara Taylor Quinn)
   Harlequin Heartwarming November 2019 Box Set (2019) (with Patricia Johns, Catherine Lanigan and Cathy McDavid)
   Harlequin Heartwarming April 2020 Box Set (2020) (with Melinda Curtis, Cheryl Harper and Claire McEwen)
   Harlequin Heartwarming October 2020 Box Set (2020) (with Tanya Agler, Patricia Johns and Syndi Powell)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense October 2020 Box Set (2020) (with Justine Davis, Jane Godman and Deborah Fletcher Mello)
   Thankfully in Love (2020) (with Melinda Curtis, Kayla Perrin, Lezli Robyn and Cari Lynn Webb)
   Harlequin Heartwarming January 2021 Box Set (2021) (with Janice Carter, Elizabeth Mowers and Rula Sinara)
   Cold Case Reopened / Colton 911: Undercover Heat (2021) (with Caridad Piñeiro)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense March 2021 Box Set (2021) (with Cindy Dees, Deborah Fletcher Mello and Dana Nussio)
   Harlequin Heartwarming August 2021 Box Set (2021) (with Tara Randel, Leigh Riker and Carol Ross)
   Harlequin Heartwarming January 2022 Box Set (2021) (with Lisa Childs, Kim Findlay and Sasha Summers)
   Harlequin Romantic Suspense February 2022 - Box Set (2022) (with Marie Ferrarella, Addison Fox and Rachel Lee)