Ashley E Sweeney

Genres: Historical

Ashley E Sweeney recommends
Estelle (2020)
Linda Stewart Henley
"Interweaving a contemporary story with a rich and detailed glimpse into a little-known segment of famed French painter Edgar Degas’s life, Linda Stewart Henley invites readers into the intriguing art world of New Orleans through interlocking storylines set a century apart. An admirable debut!"
The Long-Lost Jules (2021)
Jane Elizabeth Hughes
"Fast-paced international thriller with enough twists and turns to make an Oxford don dizzy. Hughes takes readers on a breathless journey through the playgrounds of Europe to uncover a centuries-old royal mystery and bust international money-laundering rings. Plot twists, mistaken identity, edge-of-your-seat danger, romance, it’s all there. And when you think the stakes can’t get higher, wait, there’s more. I thoroughly loved this novel!"
Sugar Birds (2021)
Cheryl Grey Bostrom
"Bostrom’s deft language, deep reverence for the natural world, and keen understanding of the human condition merge in this enduring novel of forgiveness and hope."
Beneath the Veil of Smoke and Ash (2021)
Tammy Pasterick
"Drawn from the author’s family archives, this richly-wrought family saga invites readers inside immigrant coal mining communities in early 20th century Western Pennsylvania. Gritty and riveting, Pasterick’s debut novel exposes the depths and lengths humans go to protect honor, family, and love."
The Blue Butterfly (2022)
Leslie Johansen Nack
"Leslie Johansen Nack redeems the tragic legacy of Marion Davies, William Randolph Hearst's long-time lover, in her newest, The Blue Butterfly. Dripping with diamonds and gilded with grandeur, The Blue Butterfly takes readers from the bowels of the New York stage to the glittering life of Hollywood and its stars. Haunting and heartbreaking, The Blue Butterfly elicits the gut-punch that what we do for love colors our lives forever."

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