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Laura Sims is the author of four books of poetry, and LOOKER is her debut novel. She lives in Brooklyn.

Genres: Mystery
   Looker (2019)
   How Can I Help You (2023)
Books containing stories by Laura Sims
Other Aliens (2017)
(Conjunctions, book 67)
edited by
Elizabeth Hand and Bradford Morrow

Laura Sims recommends
Sucker (2023)
Daniel Hornsby
"Wickedly astute and bitingly funny, Sucker's take on a weird true Silicon Valley story is an unputdownable, cathartic read for all of us who've been suckered by Big Tech for years."
At the End of Every Day (2023)
Arianna Reiche
"Arianna Reiche's At the End of Every Day takes us deep inside a dying - and sometimes deadly - theme park. Filled with richly detailed descriptions of the world her possibly unreliable protagonist, Delphi, knows best, Reiche's unique take on the epic quest - featuring creepy bots, a death cult, subterranean realms, and more - compels you to hang on for the wild genre-and-mind-bending ride."
Calling Ukraine (2023)
Johannes Lichtman
"In his masterful second novel, Johannes Lichtman digs down into the wonders and banal horrors of what it means to be 'free'--as a well-meaning, semi-clueless American man abroad, or as a Ukrainian woman trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse. Although written before the current Russian invasion, every situation feels freighted with the country's past and future. Slim and subtle and sharply observed, this novel gripped me from its opening pages to its chilling denouement."

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