Rex Stone

Rex Stone is the pseudonym used by Working Partners, the creators of Rainbow Magic and other successful series like Animal Ark.Illustrator Mike Spoor grew up in Northumberland and it was during holidays to the Lake District with his grandparents that he first found a love for drawing.

After attending Art College and working as a landscape architect Mike trained as a teacher. He moved to Australia and spent his time flying all over the country to run ceramics workshops.
 Now, after swapping ceramics for illustration, Mike is back in England and has illustrated many hundreds of books. He considers himself a craftsman rather than a serious artist because he is best at drawing scratchy unfinished humorous ideas.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Dinosaur Cove
   1. Attack of the Lizard King (2008)

     aka Attack of the Tyrannosaurus

   2. Charge of the Three-horned Monster (2008)

     aka Charge of the Triceratops

   3. March of the Armoured Beasts (2008)

     aka March of the Ankylosaurus

   4. Flight of the Winged Serpent (2008)

     aka Flight of the Quetzalcoatlus

   5. Catching the Velociraptor (2008)
     aka Catching the Speedy Thief
   6. Stampede of the Giant Reptiles (2008)

     aka Stampede of the Edmontosaurus

   7. Rescuing the Plated Lizard (2008)

     aka Saving the Stegosaurus

   8. Swimming with the Sea Monster (2008)

     aka Swimming with the Plesiosaur

   9. Tracking the Gigantic Beast (2009)

     aka Tracking the Diplodocus

   10. Escape from the Fierce Predator (2009)
   11. Finding the Deceptive Dinosaur (2009)
   12. Assault of the Friendly Fiends (2009)
   Journey to the Ice Age (2009)
   13. Chasing the Tunnelling Trickster (2010)
   14. Clash of the Monster Crocs (2010)
   15. Rampage of the Hungry Giant (2010)
   16. Haunting of the Ghost Runners (2010)
   Lost in the Jurassic (2010)
   17. Swarm of the Fanged Lizards (2011)
   18. Snatched By the Dawn Thief (2011)
   19. Stalking the Fanned Predator (2011)
   20. Shadowing the Wolf-Face Reptiles (2011)
   The Cretaceous Chase (2011)
   21. Saving the Scaly Beast (2012)
   22. Taming the Battling Brutes (2012)
   23. Snorkelling with the Saw Shark (2012)
   24. Hunted By the Insect Army (2012)
   Cretaceous Survival Guide (2013)
   Dinosaur Cove: A Jurassic Survival Guide (2014)
   Swimming with the Sea Monster and other Jurassic Adventures (2014)
   Escape from the Fierce Predator and other Jurassic Adventures (2014)
Dinosaur Club
   Tracking the Gigantic Beast (2009)

     aka Tracking the Diplodocus

   The Compsognathus Chase (2022)
   A Triceratops Charge (2022)
   The T-Rex Attack (2022)
   Escaping the Liopleurodon (2023)
   Avoiding the Allosaurus (2023)
   On the Trail of a T. rex. (2024)
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