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Charlie Small

Charlie is a keen amateur explorer. His interests include climbing trees, collecting things, playing computer games and football.
He also enjoys conversing in the secret language of the gorillas. His present whereabouts is unknown, but we understand that he's hoping to be home in time for tea.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
Charlie Small Journals
   1. Gorilla City (2007)
   2. Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy (2007)
     aka Pirate Galleon
   3. The Puppet Master (2007)
     aka The Puppet Master's Prison
   4. The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny (2008)
     aka Destiny Mountain
   5. Charlie and the Underworld (2008)
     aka The Underworld
   6. The Barbarous Brigands of Frostbite Pass (2008)
     aka Frostbite Pass
   7. The Mummy's Tomb (2009)
   8. Forest of Skulls (2009)
   9. Planet of the Gerks (2010)
   10. Land of the Remotosaurs (2010)
   11. The Hawk's Nest (2011)
   12. The Final Showdown (2011)
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