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A native of the South, Brett Talley received a philosophy and history degree from the University of Alabama before moving to witch-haunted Massachusetts to attend Harvard Law School. When people ask, Brett tells them he writes for fortune and glory. But the truth is the stories in his head simply refuse to stay put. Brett loves every kind of fiction - from horror to literary to historical to sci-fi - as long as there are fantastic characters with a compelling purpose. There's still magic to be found in fiction, the mysterious and the unknown still beckon there, and the light can always triumph over the darkness, no matter how black the night may be.

Brett writes when he can, though he spends most of his time working as a lawyer so that he can put food on the table. That is, until the air grows cool and crisp and fall descends. For then it is football time in the South, and Brett lives and dies with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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Brett J Talley recommends
Sins of the Father (2020)
JG Faherty
"With SINS OF THE FATHER, JG Faherty injects new life into one of H. P. Lovecraft's most storied settings – the demon-haunted town of Innsmouth. With a tale that spans from Innsmouth to Arkham, from the spaces between the stars to the depths of the sea, from Miskatonic's marbled halls to Antarctica's icy plains, Faherty will have you smelling the stench of rotting fish...and feeling the fingers of clammy, cold hands around your throat."

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