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The Turtledove Historical Collection

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"Scholar and bestselling author [Turteltaub], encapsulates his vision of the ancient world through the eyes of these two engaging merchants." - Historical Novel Society

"A mountain of solid scholarship entertainingly dished out" - Publishers Weekly

"Factually-laden historical fiction... appealing camaraderie between the cousins, and no lack of action" - Booklist

"Good pacing, a light touch, and a genuine feel for the period." - Kirkus Reviews

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Menedemos, the young dashing sea captain, and his helper, the scholarly Sostratos, are sea-traders from the Greek island of Rhodes. Fearless sailors, they will travel any distance to make a profit or to search for rich treasures.

While they trade in fineries such as wine and silk (and even, to the chagrin of many, peacocks), they live in dangerous times with pirates, thieves and barbarians. As if avoiding death by the hands of these miscreants isn't enough (particularly the barbarians from an obscure town called Rome), they are also caught between the political intrigues of Alexander's former generals.

"A painless way to learn history is to read a well-researched historical novel such as this latest from Turteltaub." - Library Journal


Menedemos, the young dashing sea captain, and his helper (and cousin), the scholarly Sostratos, are back in a new adventure.

Soon after their successful return to Rhodes the two cousins find that Greece is a dangerous place after the death of Alexander. Various factions fight and vie for power and the neutrality of Rhodes itself is threatened as opposing forces maneuver for advantage in the eastern Mediterranean.

But Menedemos and Sostratos are determined not to let circumstances stand in the way of a profitable venture... especially since they are now in possession of a rare skull which appears to be from the mythical creature known as the Gryphon.

But can they survive long enough to benefit from their unusual discovery?


Menedemos, the young dashing sea captain, and his helper (and cousin) the scholarly Sostratos, are back in their third adventure.

This time around the two cousins end up in the Sacred Land, Jerusalem, where they encounter a strange religion. This fascinates Sostratos, who wants to learn as much as he can about the strange monotheists living there.

The more worldly Menedemos looks more toward more common pleasures, particularly those involving pretty women (not letting small inconveniences like their marriage to other men get in the way).

But, as always, trouble follows them. From cargo they can't sell to bandits and thugs waiting to jump them, they must once again use their quick wits to survive and, hopefully, make a profit from their long journey.

"Another solid entry in an entertaining series." - Booklist


After some long and perilous journeys, Menedemos and Sostratos finally head back to Athens just in time for the Dionysia, a bacchanalian festival of plays and celebrations.

Like earlier installments in the series, Owls to Athens has the cousins going through various adventures, trade negotiations and sexual escapades, all set against a finely painted mosaic of Hellenic life in the fourth century BCE.

However, this time, most of their time is spent in the City of Athens instead of sailing on the high seas.
But even in the City, life can be treacherous, particularly when Menedemos decides to have an affair with one of the most influential and dangerous women in Athens.

"Owls to Athens demonstrates Turteltaub's excellent research skills ... an entertaining and intelligent story" - SF Site

Genre: Historical

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