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Into The Darkness

(The third book in the NATO's Article 5 Gambit series)
A novel by

The war with Russia is over, and at great cost, the country has been wiped off the map. China is a wounded animal, and just like all wounded animals, is biding its time to strike back. President McCarthy has demanded a safe route be established to the mines under Kansas. He knows the government can’t be run from a military base as it causes people to believe that the military is calling the shots. He has ordered his staff to move the government into the mines ASAP, so the people can start to believe that their leadership is stable and capable of bringing the country back from the abyss of war and devastation.

Unfortunately for the President, a group of ex-military officers have set themselves up as warlords across the country, and Sharon Letts has declared the South as her own territory. She rules her states with a bloody iron first, and she has enough supporters to pound anyone who tries to take her land away from her. She has drafted thousands into her organization, with the simple promise of food and clean water; luxuries that too many people no longer have access to. With the help of a construction battalion, she has begun to build herself a fortified state that has the potential to permanently prevent the US from ever becoming one united country again. Her ex-military drill sergeants are training new recruits at an accelerated pace, and they are quickly becoming a force capable of setting ambushes that are very difficult to defeat.

In order to gain information about the strength of the Feds, Letts kidnaps and tortures Captain Gold, but fortunately the captain doesn’t talk, no matter how far she is pushed, because she is well aware that if Letts ever gets her hands on what she knows, she will use it to attack the seat of the new government, which will seal the fate of the country. Gold manages to resist the drugs and torture with an iron will the likes of which Letts has never seen before. So Letts decides to make an example of her instead, ordering her doctors to administer an overdose of meds that results in a serious stroke, and then releasing Gold in a location where the Delta Detachment is sure to pick her up.

Major Rand “borrows” the Secretary’s Blackhawk to give him a bird’s eye view of the freeway to the mines, so he can see if anyone is in there, but his plans are quickly ruined when a Stinger knocks his Blackhawk out of the sky. Rand survives the crash and still manages to get a close-up of the mines, where he discovers that they are occupied by yet another pesky warlord.

In the meantime, the President and most of his staff and cabinet are spread out in four convoys, McCarthy deciding that he just can’t wait any longer to establish order across the lands. He is naïve enough to believe that no one would dare to attack a convoys that flies the American Presidential flags, but he soon learns that he has made a stupid and dangerous mistake.

No one has counted on the Muslims, who entered the country either across the open Southern border, or invited to immigrate by the Obama and then the Biden administrations declaring a Jihad against all non-believers, thinking that the lack of a Federal government, and most of the population being in need of food and water, would be their best chance of turning the remains of the country into their new Caliphate.

The small remaining Federal Army is faced with rampant warlords, and a religious war all at once. The war with Russia may have ended, but the civil war has only just started and it is anything but civil…

Genre: Thriller

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