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Susan Trombley

Born a dragon, but forced to take human form to fit into those little baby carriers, Susan Trombley  accepted that she'd have to live a mortal life. She just wasn't going to go around being all boring about it. As soon as she was old enough, she immediately applied for an alien abduction, but got wait-listed, so she made her lair in the desert to wait out the coming zombie apocalypse with a pair of magical cats (they can appear underfoot in an instant, usually at the steps) and the dog from Hades that has three heads (and now has three bodies to go with them).

When the white knight came to fight the dragon, Susan liked him so much she decided to marry him and they now have a beautiful little dragonlet. (Who looks just like a little girl unless you use a magic mirror)

Fortunately, despite being trapped in this dimension, Susan uses her dragon's vision to see all the most interesting goings-on in the multiverse. Figuring they made great stories, she decided to share them with the rest of the mortal world, by writing fantasy, science fiction and romance.

Genres: Paranormal Romance
New Books
September 2022

My Foxy Mate
(Iriduan Universe Love Stories, book 2)
October 2022

My Primal Mate
(Iriduan Universe Love Stories, book 3)
   Rampion (2019)

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