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Sylvia True

The Wednesday Group is Sylvia Trues first novel. She is a high school science teacher and enjoys writing when she can find the time.
Sylvia was born in England to parents who were refugees from Germany. She moved to the US when she was five. Growing up with parents from a different culture, a mother who was a Swiss champion figure skater, and a father who was a theoretical nuclear physicist, gave her varied and unique perspectives.
During her summer breaks, Sylvia likes to travel to the Amazon and do research in the rainforest. She has raised two daughters, who are both pursuing their passions. If Sylvia had to sum up who she is in a word, she would say learner. There is so much in this world that she is deeply interested in.
Presently, she lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two very spoiled dogs. Please feel free to contact her and ask her any questions. She looks forward to responses to this book, as she continues her work on a new novel.