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Hank Phillippi Ryan is the on-air investigative reporter for Boston's NBC affiliate. She's won 30 EMMYs, 12 Edward R. Murrow awards and dozens of other honors for her ground-breaking journalism. A bestselling author of mystery novels, Ryan has won multiple prestigious awards for her crime fiction. She's on the national board of Mystery Writers of America and 2013 president of national Sisters in Crime.

Genres: Mystery

Anthologies edited
Agatha Award Best First Novel winner (2007) : Prime Time
Rita Awards Best First Book nominee (2008) : Prime Time
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2009) : Air Time
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2010) : Drive Time
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2010) : Air Time
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2011) : Drive Time
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2012) : The Other Woman
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2013) : The Wrong Girl
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2013) : The Other Woman
Edgar Awards Mary Higgins Clark winner (2013) : The Other Woman
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2014) : Truth Be Told
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel winner (2014) : Truth Be Told
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2014) : The Wrong Girl
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2015) : What You See
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2015) : Truth Be Told
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2016) : Say No More
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2016) : What You See
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2018) : Trust Me
Agatha Award Best Contemporary Novel nominee (2019) : The Murder List
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2020) : The Murder List

Hank Phillippi Ryan recommends
Optical Delusions in Deadwood (2011)
(Deadwood Mystery, book 2)
Ann Charles
"Hilarious, original, and genuinely wonderful. This fresh and feisty mystery will instantly win your heart."
Death Al Dente (2013)
(Food Lovers' Village, book 1)
Leslie Budewitz
"Clever, charming, and completely yummy. Leslie Budewitz cooks up a delectable mystery! A tempting concoction of food, fun, and fatalities that will have you racing through the suspenseful pages...then heading for the kitchen to try out the irresistible recipes. More please!"
Land of Shadows (2014)
(Detective Elouise Norton, book 1)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Spellbinding. Gritty. Original, complex, profound and riveting. This is a voice you have never heard and will be unable to forget. Prepare to be blown away."
Ice Shear (2014)
(June Lyons, book 1)
M P Cooley
"Captivating, original and brilliant. Seamlessly natural - ICE SHEAR shines with the remarkable confidence and authority of true talent."
The Unquiet Dead (2015)
(Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak, book 1)
Ausma Zehanat Khan
"Evocative, surprising, and important. With its mesmerizingly personal voice, each lyrical sentence reveals another suspenseful layer of this complex and heartbreaking mystery. Harrowing and disturbing, its delicate strength creates tension on every page."
In Bitter Chill (2015)
(DC Childs Mystery, book 1)
Sarah Ward
"Relentless, compelling, and meticulously suspenseful. Fans of Ian Rankin and Elizabeth George will rejoice at this atmospheric and authentic debut, expertly told, where modern-day police struggle to untangle disturbing secrets of the past. Terrific."
The Case of the Dotty Dowager (2015)
(WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery, book 1)
Cathy Ace
"Charming, quirky and completely entertaining! This clever contemporary take on the traditional mystery will have you smiling on every page. The talented Cathy Ace has created an endearing quartet of heroines--hurray for WISE, and I cannot wait for the next adventure!"
This Is Not Over (2016)
Holly Brown
"Intelligently crafted and rivetingly dark, this chilling tale of two women waging psychological warfare will hook you, capture you, and keep you reading as fast as you can."
Blood On the Tracks (2016)
(Sydney Rose Parnell, book 1)
Barbara Nickless
"Beautifully written and heartbreakingly intense, this terrific and original debut is unforgettable. Please do not miss Blood on the Tracks. It fearlessly explores our darkest and most vulnerable places—and is devastatingly good. Barbara Nickless is a star."
Pacific Homicide (2016)
(Detective Davie Richards, book 1)
Patricia Smiley
"[A] suspenseful, riveting thriller."
In Farleigh Field (2017)
(Rhys Bowen WW Collection, book 1)
Rhys Bowen
"Irresistible, charming and heartbreakingly authentic. Rhys Bowen’s knowing voice transports Downton fans into a unputdownable family saga—a compelling journey through history, loss, honor and love. When war gets personal, every heart is in peril."
Flamingo Road (2017)
(Fia McKee, book 1)
Sasscer Hill
"Fast paced, suspenseful, and cleverly plotted."
Protocol (2017)
(Maggie O'Malley Mystery, book 1)
Kathleen Valenti
"A page-turner! Smart, fast-paced and surprising."
Bosstown (2017)
(Bosstown, book 1)
Adam Abramowitz
"Robert B. Parker meets Hunter S. Thompson... and the result is a jet-fueled crazy-good mystery that careens through Boston with a voice that won't quit--and winds up in a place no one could ever predict. Wildly unique, this brave new take on a traditional genre is captivating, hilarious, and darkly brilliant."
Gone to Dust (2017)
(Nils Shapiro, book 1)
Matt Goldman
"Gotta love it: Spade, Spenser, and now Shapiro. The brilliant Matt Goldman has written the perfect PI novel--smart, spare, sarcastic, and completely heartbreaking."
Idyll Fears (2017)
(Thomas Lynch, book 2)
Stephanie Gayle
"Smart, spare, and insightful, this compelling procedural has it all: a uniquely endearing main character, realistic dialogue, a surprising and twisty story, and, above all, the talented and stylish storytelling of a confident and sure-handed new voice in crime fiction. Could not put it down!"
The Deep Dark Descending (2017)
(Max Rupert and Joe Talbert, book 4)
Allen Eskens
"The talented Allen Eskens fulfills the rich promise of his Edgar(R)-nominated debut with this chilling, dark, and sinister thriller. With precision and authority, Eskens's determined cop hero takes one intriguing clue--and pursues it into spiraling disaster. With a deadly surprise around every corner and a bleak undercurrent of noir-like dread, this book will haunt you."
The Vanishing Season (2017)
(Ellery Hathaway, book 1)
Joanna Schaffhausen
"Dark, disturbing, and relentlessly sinister--this intense thriller plumbs the darkest corners of terror, survival and psychological damage. Be warned: leave on the light! But start reading right now."
Glimpse (2018)
Jonathan Maberry
"So scary I wished I could close my eyes as I read it--but I didn't want to miss a word. The brilliant Jonathan Maberry--evocative, chilling and somehow terrifyingly knowledgeable about the dark necessities of the human heart--will grab you by the throat and not let go. Fair warning--leave the lights on."
Yesterday's News (2018)
(Clare Carlson Mystery, book 1)
R G Belsky
"What a terrific book! A complex and compelling non-stop cat-and-mouse chase--and you're never quite sure which one's the mouse. Even the savviest of readers will be gasping in awe at Belsky's impressive story-telling skills."
The Darkest Time of Night (2018)
(Darkest Time of Night, book 1)
Jeremy Finley
"The X-Files meets The Good Wife. With a twisty surprise on every page, this seamlessly written and captivating thriller is edgy, unique and incredibly thought-provoking. Jeremy Finley is a star."
The Disappearing (2018)
Lori Roy
"Lori Roy is an impeccable writer—original, fearless, and insightful. The Disappearing, with its dark secrets and damaged souls, is another triumph of Roy’s skill: it’s insidiously sinister, seamlessly plotted, and relentlessly haunting."
In the Vines (2018)
Shannon Kirk
"Only the crazy-brilliant mind of the super-talented Shannon Kirk could channel Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe—and create this unique and contemporary horror-mystery-love story. Only a skilled writer like Kirk could dive into the dark madness of the mind and soul—and come up with this chilling tale of broken hearts and desperately twisted love."
A Borrowing of Bones (2018)
(Mercy Carr Mystery, book 1)
Paula Munier
"This is why we read crime fiction! The immensely talented Paula Munier had me at page one with indelibly drawn characters in a heartbreaking, compelling and incredibly intelligent story. Plus, the greatest dogs on the planet. Fans of William Kent Krueger and C.J. Box will devour this terrific book."
When You Find Me (2018)
P J Vernon
"Chilling, original, and incredibly unsettling . . . You will not be able to stop reading."
You Were Always Mine (2018)
Nicole Baart
"Original, chilling, and frighteningly realistic. With a mother we adore and children we root for, this sinister and heartbreaking family drama will have you turning pages as fast as you can. Clear your schedule and prepare to be wowed!"
Fear No Truth (2018)
(Faith McClellan, book 1)
LynDee Walker
"Terrific. Surprisingly edgy and with a twist around every corner, the skilled and talented LynDee Walker sets the reader on an unstoppable ride. Authentic, witty and compelling--I could not put it down."
Forget You Know Me (2019)
Jessica Strawser
"Sinister, sophisticated, and teeming with secrets...completely irresistible."
Until the Day I Die (2019)
Emily Carpenter
"This shocking cat-and-mouse thriller will shatter your expectations—and Carpenter’s skill for brilliant and twisty storytelling will have you gasping in surprise. Buckle up for a terrific ride—this is timely, unpredictable, and irresistible!"
A Dream of Death (2019)
(Kate Hamilton , book 1)
Connie Berry
"What a treat! A modern day Outlander... Charming, authentic, surprising - and completely irresistible."
Dear Wife (2019)
Kimberly Belle
"Kimberly Belle is astonishing. DEAR WIFE is an irresistible page turner, the riveting story of a wife on the run. And yes, it's twisty, and full of secrets, and jaw-droppingly unpredictable. But what makes this read special is that it's also a deeply revealing portrait of a modern marriage. DEAR WIFE is so emotionally compelling it will haunt you long after you race through the pages."
The Hidden Things (2019)
Jamie Mason
"Relentlessly suspenseful and as hauntingly sinister as any book I have ever read. This dark domestic noir, with greed and bravery clashing over a priceless possession, is irresistibly sardonic and beautifully written, with a complex and textured cast, a twisty contemporary plot, and one of the most endearing and unforgettable main characters you will ever meet. A master class in character and a knockout of a story, this book is a rare treasure--terrifying, heartbreaking, and completely original."
The Long Call (2019)
(Detective Matthew Venn, book 1)
Ann Cleeves
"Ann Cleeves is a phenomenal talent. With unfailing skill, gorgeous setting, flawless plot and seamless voice, she brilliantly conjures new worlds in crime fiction. Her instantly iconic Detective Matthew Venn is a treasure--and we will all follow him anywhere."
Word to the Wise (2019)
(Library Lover's Mystery, book 10)
Jenn McKinlay
"Jenn McKinlay is a treasure, and Word to the Wise is superb! Her books are always charming, endearing, and instantly engaging—but McKinlay's secret sauce is her deep understanding of human nature, her superb talent for storytelling, and the most desirable of skills: her unmatched ability to entertain, enlighten, and delight."
Drowning with Others (2019)
Linda Keir
"Sinister, sophisticated, and elegantly structured, Drowning with Others is a landmine of suspense, long-held secrets, hidden histories, and haunting manipulation. When everyone has a secret, can the perfect family survive it? What a riveting and original story! I could not turn the pages fast enough."
One Night Gone (2019)
Tara Laskowski
"Absolutely gripping. This multi-layered and gorgeously structured tale of betrayal, murder, and redemption will haunt you long after the book is over. The talented Tara Laskowski, with her confident hand, beautifully drawn characters and unique style, is sure to be a major voice in crime fiction."
The Patient (2019)
Steena Holmes
"Gorgeously disturbing and endlessly surprising—an intense, thought-provoking, and riveting psychological puzzle of mind games. The Patient proves Steena Holmes’s infinite ability to create a taut, smart, and darkly captivating story. A psychiatrist with a serial killer as a patient—but which one? Terrific—and irresistible."
The Network (2019)
(Jack Logan, book 1)
L C Shaw
"Wow! Talented storyteller L.C. Shaw has perfected the vacation-airplane-beach read! Unfailingly entertaining, riveting, and breathtakingly timely--you will absolutely devour this thrilling and cautionary tale. Attention, Hollywood: this one has blockbuster written all over it."
Stories We Never Told (2020)
Sonja Yoerg
"Truth and trust relentlessly collide in this beautifully written and riveting page-turner. Talented storyteller Sonja Yoerg will ensnare you from page one—and her determined and endearing main character, twisted by love and betrayed by expectations, will keep you turning pages as fast as you can. Loved this!"
Love Sold Separately (2020)
Ellen Meister
"Completely charming! Shopaholics and mystery-lovers alike will devour this witty and irresistible behind-the-scenes look at the power plays and reality of high-stakes retail TV. Wise, hilarious, and with a determined heroine you will instantly adore, the oh-so-talented Ellen Meister brings her special chemistry to this shopping-and-the-city delight."
Rules for Being Dead (2020)
Kim Powers
"A tour de force in voice and structure, this uniquely heartbreaking novel?literary fiction meets boy detective?is somehow adorable and sinister at the same time. The brilliantly talented Kim Powers has created a poignant and remarkable story."
Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything (2020)
Kristin Bair
"Hilarious and heartbreaking, fresh and wise, and quirky as can be. The talented Kristin Bair introduces us to the touchingly neurotic Agatha Arch—a woman who loves too much and fears too much, and is on the hunt to discover her own singular power. If you love Bridget and Bernadette, please meet Agatha. I loved her, and you will, too."
Waiting for the Night Song (2021)
Julie Carrick Dalton
"Human nature clashes with Mother Nature in this riveting and heartbreaking coming of age story – – gorgeously written, and wonderfully told . With its combination of powerful themes and intensely immersive setting, fans of Delia Owens will swoon to find their new favorite author. A phenomenal debut!"
Dark Currents (2021)
Doug Burgess
"Drop everything and read this book. A terrific story in a terrifically honest voice—it’s intelligent and original, hilarious and heartbreaking, evocative and charming. A beautifully written tale of murder, dementia, family, love—and surprises! Standing ovation."
Do No Harm (2021)
Christina McDonald
"Devastating, heartbreaking, and incredibly timely-this risky and brilliant examination of when the ends justify the means will captivate you from moment one. The talented Christina McDonald dissects the crumbling marriage of two good people, and reveals how love and obsession can combine to destroy even the most perfect family. As a doctor's vow of 'do no harm' twists into 'do whatever it takes, ' you'll be riveted by this thought-provoking and tragically believable story."
The Jigsaw Man (2021)
(Inspector Angelica Henley, book 1)
Nadine Matheson
"Elegantly grim and irresistibly gruesome. And I could not turn the pages fast enough. The talented Nadine Matheson skillfully balances complex characters with a relentless story--this is a page-turner of the highest order. Not since Silence of the Lambs has there been such an excruciatingly chilling villain playing high-stakes cat-and-mouse with such a tenacious and relatable sleuth. Standing ovation for The Jigsaw Man!"
Let Her Lie (2021)
Bryan Reardon
"Such a page-turner! Instantly captivating and relentlessly sinister, this uniquely structured deep dive into creativity and obsession has a surprise around every corner."
Fatal Intent (2021)
(Kate Downey Medical Mystery, book 1)
Tammy Euliano
"Heartbreaking and searingly realistic, this terrific debut will have you turning the pages as fast as you can. Only a true medical insider like Tammy Euliano could concoct this riveting and authentic look inside the medical community’s life and death decision-making process—and the fragile patients whose lives are tragically changed. A tale of high stakes and shocking manipulations, the tension will keep you holding your breath until the very last page."
Her Dark Lies (2021)
J T Ellison
"Stunning. Her Dark Lies is a gorgeously atmospheric thriller, a brilliant contemporary twist on a beloved classic. Beautifully written, psychologically chilling and gaspingly surprising, J.T. Ellison proves she's our new Daphne DuMaurier."
Tower of Babel (2021)
Michael Sears
"A contemporary Philip Marlowe comes to Queens in this wonderfully engaging caper . . . Sears absolutely nails the voice of his endearingly vulnerable tarnished-lawyer turned sleuth--Tower of Babel is a terrific book."
You Will Remember Me (2021)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"Hannah Mary McKinnon is a genius. I could not turn the pages fast enough, but I did not want to miss a single word. This is diabolical, mesmerizing, riveting and irresistible...she takes storytelling to a new level--psychological, sinister, and completely believable. This is skill, this is joy, this is the passion of an experienced and careful author. Standing ovation."
Black Label (2021)
James L'Etoile
"Relentlessly fast-paced and compellingly twisty! The talented James L'Etoile sets up an irresistibly high-stakes situation: a woman is certain to be charged with murder and doesn't remember a thing. Can she prove her innocence before she's silenced forever? A dark journey through the world of big Pharma and big money-you will turn the pages as fast as you can."
Kill All Your Darlings (2021)
David Bell
"Only the diabolical mind of the talented storyteller David Bell could concoct this mind-bendingly twisty thriller! He manages to brilliantly weaponize college, students, teachers, tenure--and even the writing of novels. Smart, audacious and completely original."
The Perfect Family (2021)
Robyn Harding
"Edgy, diabolical, and completely suspenseful! The talented Robyn Harding peels back the sleek facade of suburbia to show its disturbing reality—and all the dangerous (and sometimes heartbreaking) secrets that even loving families keep from each other. Incredibly cinematic and jaw-droppingly devious, this book will have you turning the pages as fast as you can."
She Wouldn't Change a Thing (2021)
Sarah Adlakha
"Book clubs rejoice! She Wouldn't Change a Thing is your next selection. It begins as devastatingly realistic, and evolves into simply… devastating. Haunting, thought-provoking, and endlessly discussable, this touching and evocative book will linger long after you close the final page. What would you do with a second chance at your life? Are you sure? Read this – and then decide."
My Sweet Girl (2021)
Amanda Jayatissa
"This breathtaking debut somehow manages to be terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. Astonishingly crafted and constantly surprising, the talented Jayatissa lures us into the story with confident hands, and then yanks the rug right out from under us. Ridiculously good. Crazy good. Scary good. This is a big big book."
As the Wicked Watch (2021)
(Jordan Manning, book 1)
Tamron Hall
"Wow—Tamron Hall knows how to tell a story! And this timely and compelling thriller is a treat to read. Unflinching, revealing and authentic… Authentic and life-changing—and completely entertaining—this is the first of what is sure to be a long-running series from a beloved and talented journalist."
The Savage Kind (2021)
(Nightingale Trilogy, book 1)
John Copenhaver
"Wow. The Savage Kind is evocative, seductive and rivetingly creepy. John Copenhaver proves he is a brilliant talent, and this gorgeously unsettling story of power, control, gaslighting, and murder is not to be missed."
All Her Little Secrets (2021)
Wanda M Morris
"All Her Little Secrets is teeming with passion, family, power, history, and heartbreak—it will provoke you, haunt you, and inspire you. Wanda M. Morris is the consummate storyteller, filling this riveting, relentless page-turner with her powerhouse talent and shattering insight...Morris has created an instant classic. Stop everything and read this."
The Dangers of an Ordinary Night (2021)
Lynne Reeves
"Shatteringly original, intensely suspenseful, and written with a tender eloquence that will break your heart. The talented Lynne Reeves--a master of subtext--weaves her brilliant insight into a riveting story of best intentions, unintended consequences, and devastated families."
Her Name is Knight (2021)
(Nena Knight, book 1)
Yasmin Angoe
"This brave and profoundly gorgeous thriller takes readers to places they’ve never been, to challenges they’ve never faced, and to judgments that leave the strongest in tears. Her Name Is Knight is a stunning and important debut, and Yasmin Angoe is a fantastic new talent."
The Overnight Guest (2022)
Heather Gudenkauf
"Chilling, gripping, and gaspingly surprising. The oh-so-talented Heather Gudenkauf has created a modern day In Cold Blood. Her unforgettable characters reveal a devastating story that will chill you to the bone, and then break your heart. With a brilliant structure, an authentic sense of place, and gorgeous storytelling, Gudenkauf proves she is the queen of the rural thriller."
L. A. Burning (2022)
D C Taylor
"This is authentically terrific! D. C. Taylor has a keen eye and a deep understanding of cinematic storytelling, and he seamlessly combines that with a unique new character, savvy dialogue, and page-turning action. The result: LA Burning is instantly engaging, surprising and wise - but it's also heartbreaking. Fans of Michael Connelly and John Lescroart and Sue Grafton - and isn't that all of us? - rejoice. Add L. A. Burning to your list of must-reads."
The Midnight Ride (2022)
Ben Mezrich
"Cinematic, immersive, and completely entertaining! With THE MIDNIGHT RIDE, Boston gets its own Da Vinci Code, and after you race through these irresistible pages, you will never look at the city the same way again. Impeccably researched and captivatingly told. Standing ovation for this terrific thriller!"
Renegade (2022)
(Anonymous Justice , book 1)
Nancy Allen
"What a terrific book--strong, tough, smart and powerful."
Truth and Other Lies (2022)
Maggie Smith
"Twisty, timely, and rivetingly thought-provoking, Smith mines the intensity of competition, the duplicity of the human psyche, and the terrifying knowledge that with one wrong decision, your life can be changed forever. This author knows her journalism-the pressure, the stress and the compulsion for the big story-and deeply understands the tension and conflicts women battle when their professional and personal lives are set on a collision course."
Watch Out for Her (2022)
Samantha M Bailey
"Wow! Relentlessly tense and incredibly twisty--Watch Out for Her proves the amazing Samantha M. Bailey is the queen of family suspense. With authentic emotion and complex and heartbreaking relationships, Bailey shows her brilliance in revealing the destructive power of love and the intensity of the need to belong. I flew through the cinematic pages, riveted and completely immersed in this propulsive and original thriller. Everyone will be talking about this--do not miss it!"
An Imperfect Plan (2022)
Addison McKnight
"Edgy, relatable, and heartbreaking - this unflinching thriller will have you turning the pages as fast as you can. How far would you go to get what you want? When family is involved, there are no boundaries - and Addison McKnight's debut grabs the reader and doesn't let go until the gasp-worthy ending."
In Her Defense (2022)
(Riversedge Law Club, book 1)
Amy Impellizzeri
"I was dazzled by Amy's skill at revealing a brilliantly crafted and fascinatingly insightful morality tale - an unlikely alliance of two strong women each with a powerful secret that could destroy the other. On one level, this is the relatable domestic suspense that readers are craving, but on another, this is the work of a talented writer who presents a compelling story in an innovative and immersive way."
Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride (2022)
(Nonna Maria, book 1)
Lorenzo Carcaterra
"The brilliant Lorenzo Carcaterra has created his own irresistible genre: the literary cozy. I fell in love with this wonderfully lyrical and completely entertaining novel, and most of all its instantly iconic heroine. Nonna Maria is Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes combined into one wise and unforgettable character. Touching, charming, and delightful--do not miss this!"
December '41 (2022)
William Martin
"William Martin is the consummate storyteller! His brilliant December '41 is a contemporary take on the classic spy thriller--It's Herman Wouk meets The Day of the Jackal, with the ticking time bomb expertise of Hitchcock--and it is irresistible. Instantly cinematic and endlessly entertaining, December '41 is an absolute page turner. Martin's impeccable research shines through, seamlessly, in this historical look at old Hollywood, World War II, and the profound triumph of the human spirit."
Look Closer (2022)
David Ellis
"Absolutely dazzling! David Ellis is a master storyteller who keeps us riveted to the pages. A whip-smart and diabolically plotted thriller, with crackling dialogue, nonstop pacing, and tour de force structure. A profoundly insightful study of greed, obsession, revenge, and justice. Riveting, compelling, and completely entertaining!"
The Things We Do in the Dark (2022)
Jennifer Hillier
"A twisted dark love story wrapped in a haunting emotional journey--this sinister and gripping psychological thriller is an absolute winner. A riveting tale of innocence and experience, of necessity and revenge, and the understanding of power, Things We Do in the Dark takes us places we never thought we'd go, and reveals the perils of fame, family, and ambition. Jennifer Hillier writes with passion, compassion and bravery. This book is a triumph."
Kismet (2022)
Amina Akhtar
"Gaspingly original. Kismet is brilliant and twisty - a knockout page-turner about guilt, revenge, and the toxicity of family and friendships. The oh-so-talented Amina Akhtar unleashes her keen eye and mordant wit - and exquisite understanding of human emotions - to reveal the dark side of the wellness industry and the terrifying reality behind the glam exteriors. Wow! This gripping, heartbreaking, and constantly surprising thriller is not to be missed!"

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