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Vivian Vaughan

Vivian Jane Vaughan was born and raised in Menard, Texas. Today, she lives in Alvin, which is just outside of Houston, with her husband. She has two grown sons and three beautiful grandchildren who are the pride of her life. She graduated from Southwest Texas University where she majored in English and minored in Spanish. Chance of a Lifetime is Vivian's fifteenth historical romance novel for Zebra Books. Her novels have made several distributors' best seller lists and Branded was a Texas Gold finalist.

She began her career as a romance writer by accident. Her agent sent her first novel, a western, to the "wrong editor" but the romance editor liked the story enough to suggest she rewrite it as a romance. Six weeks later she had Heart's Desire, her first published book.

Vivian comes from a long line Texas Adventurers, her ancestors settled there as far back as the 1820s. Many of her books are inspired by her family's history because it so closely follows the history of Texas. In her office she keeps reminders: a framed copy of the Spanish land grant awarded to one ancestor; the rifle belonging to a Texas Ranger great-grandfather and a love poem written to her great-grandmother. When asked why she loves living in Texas she replies " The diversity of the land produced the diversity of people who settled and continue to settle here. Why they came, these rugged individualists, these frontiersmen and adventurers, and why they stayed, present endless scenarios for a writer.

Genres: Historical Romance